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Track Lighting Kits

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Track Lighting Kits

Often, we hear members heralding the benefits of track lighting as a convenient and stylish way of lighting their home, despite being unsure of exactly what is required to optimise and provide a high quality and safe level of light. The fact is, track lighting is made up of several parts which all work together to ensure the best finish – and while many buyers simply factor track lighting into a room design overhaul and leave the details down to installers and room fitters, for those who want to simply alter the lighting in a room without completely redesigning it, an idea of what is included in track lighting and how it works is key.

What is included in a track lighting kit?

The foundation of a track lighting kit is formed of the tracks themselves, the lighting heads, the accessories and often the lightbulbs as well. Of course, every kit is different and some offer more than one style of track and lighting head in order to give you the best possible chance of achieving the finish you want – with kits including both traditional tracks and thinner wires which are each conducive with different styles of décor.

The tracks in these kits are most often found to be straight and horizontal and can be installed along a ceiling or down a wall. This does of course mean that the surface has to be flat in order for the track to be installed safely and securely – often not a cause for concern in new build homes, though something which may throw up a few obstacles when it comes to lighting an older home which has more of an uneven finish to the walls and ceilings. Alternatively, some more modern track lighting kits feature curved and multi-armed rails which can create more of an aesthetic feature and which allow the light to be positioned at different levels and pointing in a wider variety of directions. These tend to work best in modern and very neutral homes, while the straighter and more angular lines work in industrial spaces.

Lighting the room

Once you’ve got your kit, the installation and positioning of the lighting heads themselves is largely a matter of preference and your own choice, depending on the size of the room and the way that you want the different spaces in the room to be lit. We often find that with larger rooms, buyers tend to prefer more lights as otherwise those you do install can become more light spotlights then generic room filling light sources – though if you want to make your larger room feel more cosy, the use of fewer light sources can actually achieve more of a closed and welcoming finish in the space and so may be a look you are keen to emanate.

A smaller room on the other hand lend itself well to minimal lighting heads, meaning that you can opt for a smaller track or else space fewer lights out with larger intervals between each one. The beauty of a track lighting kit is that each lighting head doesn’t require its own wiring, and that each can be moved about and repositioned at will according to your needs and requirements in the space.

When it comes to sourcing a track lighting kit, it is worth noting that the installation is best done by a trained professional who can ensure a safe and effective finish. The best kits can be found in lighting retailers, DIY stores and some homeware stores as well.

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