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Tub Chairs

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Tub Chairs

There is little else more comfortable than a chair into which you can sink at the end of a long day, with sufficient space to lounge completely, surrounded by a comfortable arm rest and back rest. And whether you opt for a velvet finish, leather, or a lighter fabric finish, tub chairs have fast become the go-to for homeowners and members looking for the perfect chair in which to watch their favourite shows or catch up with their book.

Not only are they comfortable, but tub chairs also make a great statement piece in any home and can quickly take a living space from bland to welcoming and cosy – particularly when paired with complimentary accessories and decoration.

The benefits of tub chairs

We have already explored how tub chairs provide a cocoon of sorts; allowing the user to relax back into a surrounding back and arm rest, with most tub chairs providing an oversized space which allows you to lounge. Aside from this however, most users will note that the structure of the back and arm rest is fairly rigid, especially when compared with a sofa. And that’s what gives tub chairs their key benefit – they are relaxing and comfortable, but also provide much-needed support to help retain good posture.

As well as the popular single tub chairs, double chairs are becoming increasingly popular as love seat style sofas, perfect for use in a smaller living space which doesn’t have space for a full length sofa but would benefit from a large enough seat for two.

Other benefits include:

  • They are durable and last for a long time, thanks to the reliable and sturdy construction.

  • They are super comfortable and make great seating options for older residents or visitors who need a little more support in their seating.

  • They are heavy enough to sit in one position without being moved around by children or shifting rugs.

  • They provide a stylish statement which could be used to compliment other furniture, or completely juxtapose it – depending on your preference.

Selecting your perfect tub chair

Before you dive into a purchase, first consider the space you want to place your tub chair in – and then look at the various design options both in terms of framing, structural style, and material finish.

Tub chairs are a great way to break up a large living space, and can be used as a space filler which can help a large and minimalist room become more welcoming and cosy. Equally, they can also be used to dress up a smaller space, as tub chairs furnished with lighter upholstery can be more effective at opening up a space than smaller items of furniture made from darker wood or materials.

If you want your tub chair to match the rest of your room, consider looking at those which are upholstered in block colours – and choose the colour which best matches your existing decoration. If you decide to buy off the shelf, we recommend selecting the right colour for your home and then selecting a chair which is made in a difference shade of that colour – ideal for creating a look which compliments without trying too hard.

The best selection of tub chairs are widely available across furniture retailers and homeware designers, with many offering catalogues and show suites to help you ascertain which look is right for your home. If you want to add a little more colour, patterned tub chair cushions are a good way to add more interest without overdoing it, or else consider coloured throws or surrounding décor.

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