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Tub Chairs

There is little else more comfortable than a chair into which you can sink at the end of a long day, supported by the cocoon of a sweeping surround backrest, the soft texture of a handpicked fabric, and the comfort of an oversized seat.

Tub chairs have become the latest trend on the interior market with a vast and diverse range of designs and finishes to suit every home. From small tub chairs in hallways to luxurious fabric tub chairs in bedrooms and living spaces, these items bridge the gap between comfort and style and offer a versatile accessory that can quickly take a home from bland to welcoming and cosy.

Why We Love Tub Chairs

  • Tub chairs tend to be oversized which instantly makes them a comfortable but more compact alternative to a family sofa.

  • Even cheap tub chairs offer a standout aesthetic that brings cohesive design flair to your home, with a wide range of finishes and materials enabling you to pick the chair that best compliments your home. Consider adding a tub chair to a bland hallway or entranceway to instantly uplift the overall aesthetic.

  • Tub chairs boast a rigid sweeping backrest which supports good posture – making them an excellent seating option for older users. This benefit also makes tub dining chairs popular in UK homes, as they provide enough support for prolonged periods of sitting.

  • With leather tub chairs, velvet tub chairs, and other fabric tub chairs all available, homeowners can select the finish that best suits their preferences and needs.

Tub Chair FAQs

What sized tub chair do I need for my home?

If you are looking for a tub chair that adds a stylish statement to your home, you should look for a tub chair that matches the space in terms of size and layout as well as design. This means selecting a tub chair that suits the size of the space you’re dressing.

A quick tip for integrating a tub chair into an open-plan living space is to place your tub chair on the edge of a rug. Placing rugs in open-plan homes helps to segment the space into different areas, with a subtle overlap helping to draw certain furnishings into these spaces.

Should I choose a colourful tub chair or a neutral tub chair?

Modern interior design tends to favour neutral colour palettes across many home settings – however, the purpose of a tub chair is to stand out, which is why when it comes to colourful and funky tub chairs, we recommend a more relaxed approach.

Where possible, select a colour that already exists in your room – for example in a painting or rug – to create cohesion throughout the space. Alternatively, if the idea of a vibrant tub chair feels a little over the top for your home, elevate a neutrally coloured fabric tub chair with bold and patterned cushions.

Which areas of the home are best suited to my tub chair?

Found a tub chair that you love but not sure where to put it? Tub chairs make excellent space fillers in large and open-plan spaces and can be a great way to bridge different design concepts throughout the home. Consider adding warmth to a hallway with a fabric tub chair, add opulence to a home office with a leather tub chair, or optimise the seating space in your living room with a comfortable tub chair alternative.

The best selection of tub chairs is widely available across furniture retailers and homeware designers, with many offering catalogues and show suites to help you ascertain which look is right for your home.

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