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TV Brackets

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TV Brackets

There are some parts and elements within the home which require great artistic design consideration and thought – and there are some other parts which don’t. TV brackets fall into the latter category, never on show, regardless of the colour or design. You might be thinking that in that case, what does it matter where you put it or what you get.

You’d be wrong. While not immediately visible on entering a room, the TV bracket is entirely responsible for holding your television into its position, whether homed on a TV stand or entertainment unit, or mounted onto a wall. Far from purchasing based on material looks and design finishes, TV brackets should be selected based on their reliability and safety reviews – ensuring that your television is securely fixed and held in the desired position.

What kind of TV brackets are there?

Your TV Bracket is the kind of item you should be searching our homeware and DIY retailers for, with our team often recommending that members don’t just snap up the cheapest option, but rather put thought into the most secure bracket that will support their television’s weight and design.

In terms of style, you can opt for a TV bracket on a stand with a solid base, or the most popular brackets which are wall-mounted and can provide everything from a stable fixed position to an adjustable swing motion – allowing you to adjust the position of your television based on viewer position and the direction of sunlight.

No matter what type of bracket you select, you will notice that the bracket fixes to the television with multiple screws and elemental parts, to ensure the safest of finishes. If in any doubt at all about the best way to fix your television to the desired bracket, speak directly to the retailer.

Picking the best TV bracket for your home

Often, we get our members asking which kind of TV bracket is the safest for their home; describing everything from layout to the wall structure and more. The first thing to recognise when selecting your TV bracket is that different flat screen tv’s have different requirements in terms of space behind them, and so the type of television you have can affect the distance from which the television must sit away from a wall. This can create a challenge when installing a wall-mounted TV bracket. In these cases, we recommend you bring in a professional to install the mount for you.

In terms of stylistic finish, wall-mounted TV brackets are real space-savers and can actually improve the overall flow of your room, with the television blending into the wall almost as if it were a painting. However there are some televisions which are designed to work much better on a unit or table mounted bracket – and with so many gorgeous models and unique pieces available in the entertainment unit and TV stand market, you should not shy away from the more traditional design layout.

Where to find the best TV brackets

In terms of finding the best retailer for your TV bracket, we recommend heading straight to the most reliable homeware retailers we offer. Not only will these stores be able to sell you the best bracket for your home and available space, but they are also likely to be able to support your installation and provide valuable expert advice to ensure the safest possible process for you and your home.

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