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TV Cabinets

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Tv stand buying guide

TV Cabinets

Categorised under the same umbrella as TV stands and entertainment units, TV cabinets are one of our favourite selections when it comes to housing your television, purely due to the inclusion of extra space which allows you to maintain a tidy space. Though shelving and additional surface space surrounding the television can prove useful, oftentimes we find that cluttering the surface around the screen can actually detract from what an individual is watching and can thus impact the viewing experience. For most of our members, television time is relaxation time, and so to you we ask this – why leave all your DVD’s, wires and remotes on show when you could simply house them behind cabinet doors and keep the overall appearance clean and minimalist?

The best ways to dress a TV cabinet

While a TV cabinet is a great way of storing and hiding all your unwanted electronics and feel-good film titles, closing the doors on everything personal to you as a family can sometimes leave the area feeling quite cold and impersonal. In fact, this is an opportunity to dress the TV cabinet in the way you choose, creating a unique space in your living area which is on show to family members and guests alike, and can be as vibrant and colourful, or as stylish and minimal as you like. Some of our favourite ways to dress a TV cabinet include hand drawn pictures, photos in intricate frames, small ornaments and discoveries, vases of flowers and other plant life, and even candles. Top Tip: To create a really stylish finish, consider the importance of height and levels in creating an aesthetically pleasing space. While the television provides a single height block of plasma and dark frame, think how pale flowers can juxtapose up the side of the television, or how a row of different height candles can frame the screen in a lighter way.

Where to find the best, most affordable, and more stylish TV cabinets

There are some members who will view all three of these stipulations as one and the same, and then there are those who give preference to one over the others. In terms of finding the best TV cabinets on the market at the moment, the first and most obvious avenue is to search through our selection of homeware retailers, who all offer reliable and long-lasting cabinets and other items of furniture. By shopping in a known brand retailer, you may find that you are able to match the cabinet to other items which could be used to dress your living space, creating harmony between the cabinet, a set of drawers or side tables, and perhaps even the main coffee table. That is where style comes in. Style is a very personal thing and no two members will have exactly the same views on what is stylish and what is not – we can however hint that the uniquely made items, for example those handcrafted by woodsman retailers and independent brands, may well be a good option for those looking at items to draw the eye. And then we come to affordability – and again, this varies. One suggestion for those shopping on a budget is to consider second hand and recycled cabinets – either through a dedicated re-selling retailer, or simply by reaching out to your networks or online. There is always someone looking to get rid of an items of furniture or a TV cabinet, and you may find that what they consider to be rubbish is in fact exactly what you’re looking for.

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