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TV Stand Accessories

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Tv stand buying guide

TV Stand Accessories

When it comes to dressing and furnishing a living space, furniture plays a large part in matching a style – bit the majority of the aesthetic design and finish comes from the accessories you use to dress that piece of furniture up.

The largest and most prominent accessory associated with the TV stand is the television itself, with the modern buyer tending to opt for a flat screen device which can sit closely against a wall and tends to have a lot of the features built into it – eradicating the need for additional boxes and gadgets which enable DVD play and gaming functionality. The fact is, once you’ve purchased the television and situated it on the TV stand, you will likely find you have a large surface area to play with, including shelves and drawers dependent on the type of TV stand you select.

Practical accessories

These kinds of functional accessories are primarily based on creating the most user friendly experience, for example holding the remote controls somewhere where they won’t be lost, adding to the viewing and sound experience by shielding the screen from natural light or adding a buffer to speakers, and perhaps even providing the user access to a built in snack drawer or DVD storage cabinet to keep everything contained in one space.
Practical accessories tend to be simple in design and elevate the experience, whereas the decorative accessories are there for aesthetic value.

Decorative accessories

This is where design preference comes in, and users get the chance to select the accessories they want to turn their television area into a design feature which is tailored to the overall appearance of their home or living room.

For example, a modern home might use decorative accessories to add a warmer finish to the TV stand, for example through the clever placement of pillar candles to balance out the appearance of the speakers. Equally you could use indoor plants or even flowers to add a softer touch or create the appearance of different levels and textures. Meanwhile a more traditional home might place a clock or framed photos on the TV stand to add personality and life.

Buyers should note that accessories don’t have to purely be things which sit atop the item of furniture in question – essentially, an accessory is something which adds to the appearance of an item, and could also be used in the vicinity of the TV stand to support its design style. A rug is a great way to pull together your style, as is clever placement of lights and plants, and even your other furniture items such as the sofa. All of these items and more are accessories designed to work alongside and in harmony with the TV stand.

Finding the right accessories for your TV stand

The right accessories depend on the stylistic design of your TV stand and the look you are trying to achieve. To maximise on surface space, consider a TV stand with a corner design which slots neatly into the corner of the room and allows you to create a television haven with little additional intervention. If you choose to go for a TV stand which boasts a wide style and very shallow base, in line with the more modern and Scandinavian designs, consider accessories which add to the aesthetic of this and create more in the way of visual stimulation – namely additional textures, levels and colours.

And finally, keep an open mind. TV stand accessories can be whatever you want them to be, available in department stores, gadget retailers and more.

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