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Upholstered Beds

The experience of shopping for a new bed is one dictated by space, need, and design. So many homeowners and buyers are now looking for ways to create the most stylish possible bedroom with minimal input and design – meaning that we are seeing a vast increase in the amount of bare framed beds being sold. However, the upholstered bed market has long been a popular one, particularly for those looking at creating an elegant and grand bedroom which centres around a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bed. The fact is, upholstered beds ooze opulence and comfort, where a bare framed bed can sometimes look quite cold and hard.

What is an upholstered bed and what are the benefits?

An upholstered bed is one where the frame is covered with material rather than being left as a bare frame – generally featuring padding particularly on the headboard to provide maximum comfort and a super soft touch. In terms of the material used, the most common ones are velvet, leather, and suede, though the bed market offers all manner of different materials dependent on your requirements - often in all different colours and with different levels of padding beneath the outer material. In terms of benefits, the most obvious benefit is the soft touch and additional comfort achieved with an upholstered bed – particularly with regards to the headboard which provides a really comfortable back rest for those who like to sit up and read in bed. The other benefit of an upholstered bed relates to safety – after all, a stubbed toe on a velvet bed is nowhere near as bad as a solid frame, and so the upholstery and its padding is often heralded for its buffer from injury. Another key feature of upholstered beds is that the frame tends to reach down to the floor – sometimes as a mere block frame, but often concealing extra storage which adds to the practical value of the bed. These tend to be divided into those where the entire mattress can be lifted to expose a large space underneath, or else a bed frame with drawers built into the side – which can be opened and closed at will.

Things to consider with an upholstered bed

As with any benefit there also comes a drawback, and when it comes to upholstered beds, most of the things we recommend you consider are purely around ease of use rather than anything else. In short, cleaning spilt water or other stains from a hardwood or metal frame is super easy – washing out an upholstered bed frame is a little more challenging. If you regularly have beds sleeping on your bed or find your bed subject to the invasion of children, leather may be one of the best options for your bed as it is a material that is a little easier to clean than suede or velvet – though still not as easy as a hard frame. This is particularly prevalent it you choose a very light material. Another consideration is around design – despite their obvious benefits and the fact that the material can be selected in a light and neutral colour, upholstered beds can often look a little dated compared with the very minimal bare frames, particularly if placed in a small or quite dark room. Look at your room and decide which kind of bed will best suit the space you have available, including the amount of natural light your room enjoys and the way the room is laid out. Once you’ve made your decision, the high street is full of bed retailers just waiting for you!

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