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Often regarded as the kind of accessory suitable for an old fashioned home or a classically styled four poster bed, the modern market around valances is not one that many buyers are aware of – and yet by not exploring the options available, they may find that they are missing an opportunity to upgrade and elevate the decorative appearance of their bed. Designed as a kind of skirt which sits around the base of your bed and conceals the underneath or edging, a valance is something which is less functional and more decorative, and yet it does a great job of hiding unsightly storage or a slightly ugly and mechanical looking bed base frame. How do valances work? There are two main types of valance available for buyers to utilise and explore – one which acts as somewhat of a sheet underneath your mattress and stretches over the entire frame of the bed with the skirt layers hanging down over the edges, and another type which is formed of individual valances for each side of the bed and which can be attached independently using Velcro. A third type, and one which is particularly popular as an all-in-one style, replicates the design of the platform base valance by spreading out across the entire structure, though in this case it also covers the mattress as well – acting as a fitted sheet and valance in one product. Our easy fit Velcro valances are particularly ideal for those who have larger beds or who want to have more control over the way the valances hang, because instead of being affected by the structure as a whole they can be attached as required to the base of the bed.

The advantages to hanging valances on your bed

One of the most obvious advantages to hanging valances on your bed is the way that they conceal unsightly storage solutions and can cover up the appearance of a very mechanic and basic divan bed base or orthopaedic bed. The fact is, bed frames are not always made to be aesthetically pleasing, and so we often find that buyers regularly contact us to ask how they can make their supportive bed frame look a little more appealing – whether it be in a traditional, a rustic or a modern space. This is where we tend to recommend valances, with each style creating a different look. The valance sheets in particularly provide more of a ruffled effect on the edge of your bed which is perfect for adding texture and a little more in the way of depth to an otherwise very plain bed, whereas if you have a vibrant duvet cover you may wish to choose the more streamlined valance sheets which sit closer against the frame of the bed. Another advantage of having valances is the way that they can breathe life into an old bed structure, primarily by covering up the old frame and allowing it to create the illusion of something which is newer and cleaner. To achieve a fresh look, we recommend keeping the colouring of your valances as pure and neutral as possible, though many high street retailers offer a range of colours which can be used as necessary to add extra life to a room. When it comes to finding the perfect valance, the main thing to look out for is the sizing of the valance and the way it is designed to fit your bed – taking care to factor in any mattress toppers and other elements which could deepen the overall dimension and mean that you require a larger valance. For the best selection of different valance styles and colours, head to department stores and bedding retailers.

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