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Venetian Blinds

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Venetian Blinds

When you think about installing blinds in your home, if your mind immediately jumps to those horizontal blinds with thin slats which can be pulled up or down, and twisted via a wooden or plastic rod in order to open or close the slats back together, then you are picturing the classic venetian blinds. An old favourite which has long been a staple in both the family home and across corporate office spaces all over the world, one of the great things about venetian blinds is not only the variety of finishes that they can be used to create, but also the way that you can install a wide section of blinds to cover a large French window, or can have a very small section of blinds tailormade for small windows, and the effect is still just as clean and just as effective.

The benefits of Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds have undergone a transformation in recent years, with cordless varieties now making these blinds even more effective for family homes and those homes with pets which can wreak havoc on dangling cords and adjustable ropes. The most traditional venetian blinds which are operated by a cord on one side and a twisting pole on the other designed to open and close the blinds, are super easy to use and can be found in all manner of different material finishes and colours – from the natural wood blinds of modern bathrooms and living spaces, to the plastic white finish of office blinds, through to the much softer fabric blind finishes which are ideal in bedrooms and other living spaces in the home. The fact is, having a cord to pull the blinds open and closed, plus a pole which twists the slats to reveal light or conceal it, means that venetian blinds have a duel operation and different ways of being used – thus giving the homeowner complete control over how much light is let in and in what way. This can be taken one step further once you start to consider the colouring and thickness of the slats you select, with lighter colours tending to let more light through which the darkest and most solid blind designs are effective at keeping the light out and creating a very cosy atmosphere.

Choosing the right venetian blinds

While many homeowners are drawn to the modern style of wooden blinds, one of the things that we recommend users consider is the concept of vinyl blinds in bathroom and kitchen spaces – particularly as these vinyl finishes are more effective against heat and steam, and are less likely to be affected or damaged over time by the vast change in surrounding temperature. The other thing to note about venetian blinds is that for the most part they are sturdy and they provide a much cleaner and more angular finish against your window than curtains or fabric pleated blinds. However, the use of lots of individual slats does make cleaning your blinds a little more difficult and time consuming, with a main area of concern being the fact that once venetian blinds get dusty, it is very obvious which have been cleaned and which have not depending on the material finish and colour of your blinds. And then we come to the fitting of the blinds, with our other top recommendation being to make sure the blinds are as tailored to your window space as possible to keep from beams of light falling around the edges and through the slats.

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