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Voile Curtains & Panels

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Voile Curtains & Panels

A word from the French language which means ‘veil’, a voile curtain is one which provides privacy and a light and delicate covering which is slightly sheer – meaning that instead of creating a solid block to hang in front of a window, it creates a much softer finish ideal for rooms where you want to create privacy without blocking the natural light. When it comes to using voile curtains in the home, we tend to find these relegated to living rooms and communal spaces such as hallways and dining rooms; where privacy is preferred but homeowners do not want to shut out the presence of sunlight for risk of making the space appear cramped and contained. Meanwhile, voile panels are ideal on large curtains and in open rooms where the homeowner wants to create a unique and textural finished look using a series of different fabrics styles to add distinct contrasts and patterning.

The benefits of voile curtains

Besides allowing natural light to enter a room even when the curtains are drawn to create privacy, voile curtains are one of the most popular modern solutions for window coverings due to their light finish and the fact that they add life and texture to a room without making it appear heavy with solid block colours and hangings of fabric. The light finish of voile fabric is such that it hangs really well and can be easily drawn and pinned back from the window without creating obvious creases and lines in the curtains; meaning that they can be used functionally as well as decoratively without ruining the appearance of the curtains. We do find that some homeowners like to combine voile curtains with heavier fabrics in order to give themselves the option of a light privacy covering or the full blackout finish – however if you are looking for ways of using thicker curtains by still enjoying a little natural light and the delicate violet finish then opting for curtains that use voile panels along the top of the curtain fabric can be a great solution – creating something which is a little more unique and modern in its appearance and which ensures that your inside space benefits from natural light even when you want to create a cosy atmosphere. Not only this, but voile panels also mean that any indoor plants you have can still access a little natural light even when the curtains are drawn.

Things to consider if you are heading for voile curtains

As with any curtain or window covering, one of the main recommendations we share with buyers and members is to focus on the sizing and ensure that you opt for curtains which are both long enough and wide enough to extend across and to the bottom of the entire window for a elegant and stylish finish. The challenge with curtains is that something which feels large when it is bunched up to one side can actually finish a little short of both sides of the window in terms of width if you do not opt for a curtain with enough fabric, and when the fabric is as light and airy as voile you want to ensure you don’t end up stretching it tight in order to create a concealed window. The other thing to consider is colour and whether you want to infuse a little colour into your thin voile or else keep the curtain fabric neutral and minimal to suit the overall tone of your room.

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