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Wall Spotlights

Creating light in large spaces of the home is often a case of using multiple different sources to ensure that every area of the room is well lit. While many homeowners achieve this through a combination of table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights, there is a growing trend which uses wall spotlights angled in different directions to ensure that light is used in the best possible way to create beams across and into different areas of the room. When it comes to using spotlights in any kind of space, the best thing about them is that the light head is adjustable and can be angled to shine a light in your chosen direction according not just to your needs but also to the intensity and location of the room’s natural light source, and any light reflections which add to the well-lit feeling of the room. So, what are the best kind of wall spotlights and where are they best located for the most beneficial use?

How and where to install wall spotlights

One of the most common questions we get asked by members is where they should be installing their wall spotlights to ensure they get the most from the adjustable light heads – not just in terms of the room they are placed in, but with regards to the location within that room and the best height. Our top recommendation when it comes to wall spotlights is to consider where you need the light to be angled and how the use of a spotlight will chance the overall aesthetic of the room in comparison to, say, a larger ceiling light or a more widespread wall flush light beam. Spotlights are designed to create just that – spots of light – and so often users find that the beam is much smaller in size than they expect. As such, when it comes to installing wall spotlights in your home, you should try to install them higher than you might think you want them, so as to extend the beam of light and allow it to reach a wider beam by the time it hits your furniture and flooring. Another consideration to make is with regards to how close together you place individual spotlights. Of course, if you intend on angling them in different directions then this doesn’t matter so much, but if you choose to, for example, have them all pointing downwards, you should take extra care to ensure they are evenly spaced along the wall to keep the beams of light and shadows in between regular and balanced in aesthetic appearance.

The best designs of wall spotlight

By far the most popular designs in a modern home are basic and minimal, harnessing high quality technology packaged up into a very simplistic and neutrally coloured wall mount and bulb. Some of the most popular spotlights on the market now come with adjustable light intensities and different settings for different moods, allowing you to use the one light source to create different environments depending on the user and situation. Other popular designs include double light head blocks where two spotlights are fixed close together on one backdrop, and more innovative wall spotlights designed for children’s rooms and vibrant spaces with a little more colour and excitement incorporated into the design. If you are considering wall spotlights for your home, head to lighting specialist retailers and department stores, where you can browse the best options for different rooms and styles of home, including those spotlights made for outside spaces as well as indoor spaces.

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