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Writing Desks

If you ask a writer what he needs to complete his work, the answer will most often be “just my laptop and my brain” or “just a pen and some paper”. With little call for tons of storage space and surface room, writing desks need not boast various levels of shelving and drawers, often instead simply calling for a set of legs and a sturdy surface on which to lean. We often find that members and buyers select writing desks if they want to create a lowkey home office for additional work outside of the office, as these kinds of desks tend to be fairly inoffensive and much smaller in terms of the space they command and require.

What we love about writing desks

One of the best things about a writing desk is that it is not as large as executive and other home working desks – it doesn’t built upwards with excessive storage options and drawers, and it doesn’t expand outwards to take up half the room. As a writer, you need to surround yourself with an environment which is conducive to inspiration, but which also allows you to free your mind of outside influences and instead focus on your work. A desk filled with clutter will ultimately create a distraction – often drawing you away from the writing you are doing and causing you to engage your mind elsewhere. By keeping the surface as neat and limited as possible, with no extra drawers and shelving covered with things, you are allowing yourself that escapism to do your work. Then there is the overall design aesthetic of a writing desk – often boasting thin legs and a simple surface made from hardwood in a variety of colours. It is perfectly possible on the modern market to find more neutral writing desk designs and colours in muted greys and whites, but we often find that the most attractive writing corner is made with as many natural materials and viewpoints as possible.

Things you need to consider when buying a writing desk

First and foremost, with such a simple and uncomplicated design, it can be easy for the design aesthetic of thin legs and a small surface to go too far and become unstable. As a writer, you need to make sure that you are working on a space you can rely on, and this becomes further more prominent if you start stacking electronic gadgets and other items on the surface to support your work. If you plan on using the surface for multiple things, select a writing desk with wider legs and a really firm construction, with hardwood proving one of the strongest and more aesthetically pleasing finishes. Another thing to consider is the height of the desktop and whether it is conducive to your own working style and measurements. Most writing desks are created to be as attractive as they are useful, meaning that many designs do not boast adjustable legs or a variable height mechanism, and so you need to be sure that the item you choose will be the right height for you to work at. Before purchasing your writing desk, understand where it is going to be positioned in your home and work out its link to natural light in the room and anything else that may be of note. It is important to measure the desk you choose, including its depth to see how far out from the wall it will sit. For the best range of writing desks designed to optimise your work space and create an attractive environment, head to furniture retailers and homeware designers – steering clear of more corporate office desk stores.

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