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Duvet Tog Guide: 6 Expert Tips for Buying Togs

We all have our own ways of managing the climate and temperature in our bedroom, from opening windows to stripping away the bedding, investing in heated blankets, bringing a trusty hot water bottle to bed or strategically placing fans around the outside of the bed. 

But when it comes to creating the right ambient temperature to optimise your sleep pattern, a little insight into duvet togs can quickly point you in the right direction – whether that means warming up or cooling down your bed. Our duvet tog guide aims to help you find the perfect tog so you can get the perfect night’s sleep.

What is tog?

A duvet tog is the rating to which it retains heat – with the scale ranging from 1 to 15, with 15 being the highest and therefore the warmest possible duvet. The tog relates to the warmth of a duvet and not its weight which is dependent on its filling. For some homeowners, a tog that sits between 10 and 11 is a year-round go-to, with supplementary blankets and air circulation helping to retain a comfortable environment all year round. However, for others having a winter and a summer duvet is a must – highlighting the need for a comprehensive understanding of duvet togs and what they really mean.

Tog ratings for duvets explained

As we mentioned, duvet tog ratings are ranked from 1 to 15 with 15 being the warmest possible but when should you be considering certain togs?

4.5 tog: A 4.5 tog is best for keeping you cool at night and perfect for summer nights or for those who suffer from night sweats.
7 tog: A 7 tog is still on the cooler side but provides a little more warmth making it perfect for those times when temperatures tend to fluctuate such as spring or as a year-round duvet with the addition of a blanket in the winter.
10.5 tog: A little warmer than a 7 tog, the 10.5 tog offers that little bit of extra insulation keeping you nice and warm without being too heavy for summer.
13.5 tog: A 13.5 tog duvet is perfect for winter but can be too much for the warmer months.
15 tog: A 15 tog is the highest tog rating and is best suited to very cold winters and is not a year-round duvet.

For spring and summer, a 2.5-7 tog is ideal while throughout autumn and winter a 10-14 tog will be perfect. However, if you'd like flexibility throughout the season then an all seasons duvet is a great choice. These consist of two separate duvets typically a lighter 4.5 tog for summer and a warmer 9 tog for autumn and spring. They connect together to form a 13.5 tog duvet which is perfect for the winter.

What is the highest tog duvet?

The highest tog duvet that you can buy on the market is 15. 
As a buyer, knowing what your duvet is made from is just as important as the little number linked to the tog rating – as weight does not always mean warmth, and there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the right duvet for you. 

For example, while a premium down duvet feels lightweight and thus may not seem like something that will keep you really warm during the colder months, the insultation from the filling elevates its heat retention and so gives it that high tog rating without feeling weighty to the touch.

What tog is a summer duvet?

As ever, the right tog for a summer duvet is largely dependent on personal preference and on the climate that you call home – however, for European buyers the standard summer tog rating sits at around 2.5 to 4.5 togs.

What tog is a winter duvet

The best tog for a winter duvet is one which allows you to stay warm overnight, but without overheating. As such, we tend to recommend that buyers seek a breathable duvet that retains heat and lets the skin breathe – with the standard tog rating for a winter sitting at around 13.5 tog. 

The highest rating in duvet manufacturing is 15, but 13.5 is the standard tog for a European climate and is where you will find the most diversity in the winter duvet market.

Best tog for all year round

If you are seeking one duvet which will serve you well from the warmest months through to the depths of winter and out into spring again, you want a duvet that is warm but lightweight, which allows the skin to breathe, and which is high in quality for continuous use.

A 7.5 tog duvet is a great example of an all-rounder mid tog duvet which is warm but breathable. During the coldest months you can add extra layers, or else seek a year-round duvet with a slightly higher rating of around 10.5 tog. 

Remember, if you’re using the same duvet all year round, a natural material is best for longevity.

Recommended tog for babies

If you’re purchasing a duvet for a baby, the first thing you need to know is that babies do not have the same ability to cool themselves down or regulate their own temperature, and so typically require a lower tog rating than adults all year round. 

To avoid overheating, the standard recommendation for a baby is a tog rating of around 4 – opting for an anti-allergen and breathable duvet material to make them as comfortable as possible and to keep their body at the optimum temperature.

Recommended tog for children

As children graduate out of their cot and start to be able to regulate their own body temperature more, you will find that they require a higher tog rating during the winter months. There are companies that manufacture specific togs for children, however as a standard rule children will generally need a tog rating of around 7.5 in the winter and 4.5 in the summer.

TOP TIP: If you are on a budget and can only afford one duvet all year round, consider buying a duvet with a lower tog rating but a bigger size – so that your child can wrap themselves in it during the winter months and benefit from the extra fabric.

Best tog duvet

The best tog duvet for you depends on your needs as well as the season. If you're someone who likes to be warm all year round in bed then look for a tog of 10.5 and above. If you prefer to stay cooler then a tog of 10 and below will be a good all-rounder with the addition of a blanket when needed. If your needs vary throughout the seasons but you don't want to buy more than one duvet then look for an all season duvet while if you sleep with someone who prefers a different bed climate to you why not consider a split tog duvet?

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