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Parasol Stands & Bases

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Parasol Stands & Bases

When it comes to sitting outside in the summer, how many of us crave the glorious sunshine to sit out in, only to find after 10 minutes that the sun is too bright and warm for us to sit outside for too long? Particularly when trying to work or do something productive, sometimes sitting outside is actually less practical than you might imagine.

Enter the parasol. A large outdoor umbrella which is designed to protect users from the sun rays, parasols are commonly seen around pool sides and spread over dining tables in the warm months, both in garden spaces and holiday destinations. And while some homeowners opt for a table which comes equipped with its own built-in parasol hole to hold the structure safely in the centre of the table, others must rely on a strong stand and base in order to direct the shade where they want it.

Things to look for in a parasol stand and base

Firstly, the parasols stand has to sit tall enough to comfortably prove cover over a table or area of your garden, without the potential hazard of people walking into it. Adjustable stands are popular with families as the umbrella can be lowered or heightened in line with the user.

When it comes to the base, this is where the stability of the entire parasol comes from – and so inevitably we need it to be safe, solid, and heavy enough to withstand wind and other elements. Many of our members ask which base designs are the safest for use in the family home and garden, and so we recommend investing in a base with a built-in pipe at the top to hold as much of the parasols stand as possible, ensuring that at least the first few inches of the stand are securely fastened into an unmovable base. As well as this, we recommend looking for a wide-rimmed base which is easy to spot and thus unlikely to become the subject of trapped toes and accidents.

TOP TIP: If you really want to safeguard your families’ toes from the parasol base, consider covering it with a softer outer casing which won’t cause as much damage if kicked or tripped over. Good options include long cushioned fabrics or an outdoor rubber ring.

Is it possible for a parasol stand and base to look stylish?

In short, yes! As with any item of garden furniture, the style and finish of your entire parasol is exactly what you make it. While some of the more family friendly bases are styled from chunky pieces of plastic which are hard to miss, some of the more intricate finishes made from metal resemble patterning from days gone by – made all the more stylish with their thinner parasols stands and decorative umbrella tops.

If you’re worried about your parasol, its stand and the base looking out of place or becoming an eyesore, spend a little time dressing it up in line with your requirements. Popular makeover ideas include hanging accessories from the edges, wrapping vines and plant life around the stand, and painting the base to make it more of a feature.

Finding the best parasol stand and base

The primary goal when buying a stand and base for your parasol is to ensure it is safe and reliable. Garden centres offer the widest selection of tried and tested products suitable for the garden, with DIY stores coming in a close second. Homeware retailers are likely to boast a small selection although the focus for decorative stores will be more on design and so you are most likely to find the parasol umbrellas in homeware stores, before sourcing the stand and base elsewhere.

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