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Extending Summer In Your Home & Garden

Extending Summer In Your Home & Garden

As the nights start to draw in and we look ahead to schools returning, we want to give you our top tips for extending that summer feeling for longer. Whether you are looking for ways to enjoy your garden for more of the year or you want to bring the summer vibe into your home, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy Your Garden For Longer...

1. Wrap up to beat the cold

As the first chill starts to settle in, keep a selection of blankets handy so that you can snuggle up and beat the cold. Opting for a brightly coloured blanket will bring a burst of summer sunshine to your garden.

Global Explorer - Pom Pom Knitted Throw - 130x170cm - Pink & Orange by Amara Living
Abidan Throw by Wayfair

If you store your blankets in a basket with handles then you will be able to bring it out to your garden when you need it but swiftly take it back in, in case the rain makes an appearance. A re-purposed log carrier is an excellent choice with plenty of space for storing your blankets.

Tenleytown Willow Log Carrier by Wayfair

2. Create a sheltered area

If your garden starts to feel like a wind tunnel as soon as the slightest breeze picks up then why not consider a decorative screen or trellis to help break up the airflow. As well as looking great, a screen like this will act as a windbreak, allowing you to enjoy your garden more, even as summer draws to a close. You will get added protection from the wind if you train a quick growing, evergreen plant up your trellis, such as Lonicera henryi (Henry's Honeysuckle), Clematis x cartmanii (Avalanche Clematis) or Hedera helix (Ivy).

Abbott Wooden Planter Box with Trellis by Wayfair
Tubbs Planter Box with Trellis by Wayfair

3. Twinkle twinkle...

As the nights start to draw in, now is the time to think about how the lighting in your garden can help you enjoy your space for longer. Solar-powered lights will still provide a glow even after an overcast day - just make sure that you have the charging panel orientated south to make the most of what sunlight it can capture.

Sirius Lucas Solar Outdoor String Lights Frosted Starter Set by Heal's
Marguerite Silver Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lantern by Wayfair

Alternatively, there are now a wide array of portable, rechargeable lamps that can be transported around the garden, giving you light where and when you need it.

Space Outdoor Table lamp - / LED - Rechargeable by Kartell Grey/Metal by Made in Design
HAY - PC Portable Lamp - Soft Black by Amara Living

4. Get cosy

To keep you enjoying your garden for longer into the autumn, we recommend a fire pit. For smaller spaces, a simple brazier style fire pit will keep you warm without taking up too much space and can be moved out of the way when not in use. If you have more space then make a bold statement with a sculptural fire pit that will look just as good even when it isn't lit. If keeping the fire stoked seems like too much effort then there is a large selection of propane fire pits to choose from now, allowing you to light up and sit back, enjoying the warmth.

Josper Low Metal Fire Pit, Black by
Cyrell Stone Charcoal Fire Pit by Wayfair
Holman Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table by Wayfair

Bring Summer Indoors...

1. Make room to grow

The most obvious way to keep the summer feeling going in your home is to bring part of your garden indoors with you. Despite the growing popularity of houseplants, there is no such thing as a true houseplant. All plants have evolved to thrive outdoors in wildly varying conditions but some are just more suited to growing in our homes and have become known as houseplants. If you have been enjoying a flowering fuchsia on your balcony or you still have tomatoes that need to ripen in your veg patch, don't be afraid to bring them indoors as summer dwindles just because they are not usually seen as houseplants. Do make sure that you either use a suitable pot for them indoors or use a saucer as outdoor pots have drainage holes.

Kiely Black Striped Woven Plant Pot Cover by Oliver Bonas
Blue Planter With Wood Base by Littlewoods

Show off your plants and recreate a garden feel indoors with plant stands and hanging pots. Having greenery at different heights throughout your living space helps evoke the feeling of being outdoors.

Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter by Heal's
Tall Geo Cane Planter - black by French Connection UK

2. Let there be light

One of the most noticeable things as you transition from outside to inside is the change in light levels. Counterbalance this by adding a mirror to your living space to bounce natural light around. By choosing a mirror with a natural surround such as cane it helps bring the feeling of the outdoors in even more.

Round Black Metal and Rattan Mirror D60 by Maisons du Monde
Libra Toba Large Rattan Round Wall Mirror, 100cm, Natural by John Lewis & Partners

3. Embrace flower power

A good way to inject a summer vibe in your home is through the use of bright, flowery soft furnishings. Choose bold, digitally printed flowers or exotic patterns to really make you feel that you are surrounded by nature. Cushions are the easiest way to embrace this look but for a really bold statement opt for a rug or curtains.

Summer Flowers Velvet Cushion by Rockett St George
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Emilia Floral Rug by Littlewoods
Palm Jacquard Made to Measure Curtains green by Dunelm

4. Fake it!

Finally, even if you are not green-fingered at all, you can still create a garden feel by using artificial or dried flowers. The latest artificial plants and flowers are hard to distinguish from the real thing. There has also been a big advance in dried-flower preservation recently which means that this option now offers better colours and interesting arrangements.

Artificial Large Orchid Plant - 1SIZE - White by Marks & Spencer
90cm Artificial Ficus Elastica In Pot by Wayfair

Displaying these flowers in textured vases made from clay or wood is another sure-fire way to stay connected to the outdoors, even as you spend more time inside. 

Elegant Deluxe Clay Barrel Planter by Wayfair
Brown Clay Planter by Studio

We hope our top tips will help you to continue enjoying the summer feeling for even longer! For more style inspiration to create your perfect home, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest, or to search and discover over 100+ furniture retailers across the entire market, simply click here.

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