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Homes Inspired by Social Media

From homeware and clothing to recipes and even dances, social media is the home of current trends. It’s the place they are born (and die), and it’s often the place where old trends are resurrected. Whether you like it or not, social media has its finger on the pulse of all things cool, trendy, and even classic. 

ufurnish.com has looked into the five most popular social media platforms – Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook – to see which 2023 interiors trends have performed the best on each platform. Using this data, ufurnish.com used AI to generate images of a living room, kitchen and garden for each platform using the top 10 trends and prompts from each platform to see how they differ between user bases. 

The Instagram Home

Instagram - Living Room
Instagram - Kitchen
Instagram - Garden

Instagram is the home of aesthetics, so it’s no wonder that the most popular interior trends are so pleasing to the eye. Green has become the accent colour of choice thanks to its calming mood and ability to be styled with a number of other emerging trends – gold tones, sustainable materials, and even silver and iron accents. Green has been big on the interior trends lists ever since the lockdowns, with lots of people trying to bring more of the outdoors into their homes. 

We all know that dining outside makes food taste better, but does the same go for bathing? Alfresco showering is an interesting interior trend that is technically an outdoor trend. Spa gardens are among the hottest new trends that well-being influencers are raving about. Inspired by tropical trips to places like Bali and Thailand, think white bathtubs and rainfall showers set outdoors with plenty of vines and plants to protect your privacy. 

After a few years of cool tones and clean lines at the top of the home design trends, things are starting to warm back up, which you can see with the Mediterranean aesthetic making its way into our homes – think terracotta tones, arched doorways, and natural stone accents. Much to Gen X’s joy (or chagrin), the 70s have also returned for 2023, bringing with them a range of warm browns and earth shades, curved furniture shapes, and kitschy kitchens taking the spotlight. 

In general, all of the top 10 Instagram trends are connected to the outdoors in some way, whether that’s by literally being outdoors (or giving the illusion by utilising glass) or by bringing touches of nature into your home through Earthy tones or wood accents. 

The TikTok Home

Tik Tok - Living Room
Tik Tok - Kitchen
Tik Tok - Garden
Tik Tok interior trends

Good for more than just dances to pop songs, TikTok is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to influencing trends. This is the app that brought us the viral feta pasta recipe and the Blinding Lights dance we saw everywhere during the first COVID-19 lockdown. The user base of TikTok tends to be on the younger side, with the majority of Gen Z using the app. Because of this, interior decór trends (including Lights) see a lot of features surrounding being green and sustainable. 

Green is also a popular accent colour over here, with muted, natural tones taking centre stage. Sustainable materials such as recycled wood and fabrics made from natural fibres are really popular as well. Upcycling, handmade items, and vintage decor are also super popular, with terms like “flawsome designs” and “artisanal wares” being used to describe the upcycled, reused nature of this decor style. 

When they aren’t decorating their cottage core homes with lots of thrifted and handmade items, TikTok users are, instead, paring it right back with minimalistic brutalism designs. This could be due to many younger users shunning capitalism and saving their hard-earned money for more meaningful things, but either way, the strong, clean style of brutalism is high on the list of popular trends.

The Pinterest Home

Pinterest - Living Room
Pinterest - Kitchen
Pinterest - Garden
Pinterest Interior Trends

If you’ve ever looked for inspiration for anything, from haircuts to home decor, Pinterest is usually the place to be. 61.9% of Pinterest users are aged between 18-34, which is a good balance of ages and is definitely the best way to pull together a vision board of your dream home. Pinterest trends tend to be more classic, calm, and thoughtfully designed, as millennials are more inclined to follow trends that are slightly more mature.

Brutalism makes another appearance on Pinterest thanks to its strong, clean lines and its affinity to minimalism thanks to people buying less and curating a more thoughtful interior for their home. Along similar lines but bringing in more opulence and ornate touches is neoclassicism. This is a deceptively simple design choice that works beautifully in character properties. 

Other trends that can be seen on Pinterest align with some of the other popular trends from social media, 70’s inspired design, statement glass, and Mediterranean vibes to introduce warmth to decór. There’s less of an emphasis on sustainability here and more building on elegance and sophistication.

The Twitter Home

Twitter - Living Room
Twitter - Kitchen
Twitter - Garden
Twitter interior trends

Next, we turned to Twitter to see what home trends users are talking about over there. Moving away from the fast-paced trend-led home decór of Instagram and TikTok, we start seeing  slightly more mature trends take the lead. Around 60% of Twitter users are 35 and older which means less of that eclectic fluidity of ever-changing trends and more solidified and curated styles.

Interestingly, Twitter seems to be more about sustainability. Most of the top 10 Twitter trends revolve around natural materials and shapes and sustainable touches such as cork flooring. With more of the design elements based on nature, it’s no wonder that the AI designs incorporate lots of flowers and plants!

Another theme we can see is European holiday-inspired trends. Styles like French country which is a combination of European elegance (think clean white shades, chandeliers, and tall, vertical lines) with rustic comforts (soft furnishings, exposed beams, and natural wood accents). Terrazzo also falls into this category – a type of composite material invented in 1600s Italy as a way to reuse stone offcuts. Further cementing (excuse the pun) Twitter as the sustainability trend ruler.

Now that the world has fully reopened for travel, it seems as though lots of people are looking to global design influences to bring a bit of the sun into their homes. Not only that, but being more eco-friendly is at the forefront of trend influences, with more people being conscious of the materials they use within their homes.

The Facebook Home

Facebook - Living Room
Facebook - Kitchen
Facebook - Garden
Facebook interior trends

Once the most-used social media platform on the internet, Facebook may have seen its heyday but is still chugging along in the background. Like Twitter, Facebook users are slightly more mature than other platforms. This means that interior design styles tend to be less trend led and tap into a more timeless, classic style that will stick around for many years. 

With a slightly older demographic, it makes sense that the “union of the old with the new” is championed here with people combining things they loved from their past with newer, more modern design aspects. Minimal Lux is one such style that incorporates this. This style takes the clean and clutter-free aspects of minimalism and adds a layer of luxury in order to achieve comfort while still looking glamorous. Think clean lines combined with hints of gold and metallic shades.

Another focus on Facebook trends is on nature and sustainability. Green is the accent colour of choice here, too, complemented by natural materials, terrazzo, and sustainable accents. Could it be that people of all ages are more concerned about global warming and sustainability than ever before?


While the various social media platforms are inherently different from each other, all providing their users with different experiences, they have some surprising similarities. 

The differences between the styles definitely depend on the ages of the user base. Facebook, for example, with an older demographic, focuses more on a timeless design that stays in style for multiple years. Instagram, the home of the influencer, calls upon more travel-inspired, well-being styles, while the younger age range of TikTok leans towards much more fluid design styles.

However, where they differ, there are just as many strong similarities. Sustainability is a huge influence across the board, with more people looking to fill their homes with natural materials and accents. Green is also a huge trend overall on social media, with more and more people trying to bring a little bit of the outdoors into their homes. It makes sense with the huge influx of passionate “plant parents” that we've seen in recent years. 

So what trends can we see sticking around for years to come? ufurnish.com founder and CEO Deirdre says that leather sofas are set to become a big trend in the future. “ufurnish.com is in a prime position for seeing all the latest trends as they come to light.” She says that marble is seeing a big uptick in search volume which fits perfectly with styles like minimal lux and heritage. “ “We’ve also noticed a surge in searches for marble coffee tables with a 250% increase against Q4 2022, so this could be a trend set to stick around.”

Additionally, lots of styles that fit the 1970s returning trends are coming into style as well. She goes on to say that “Currently, 2024 trend predictions include curves, arches, rounded furniture, maximalism and modern curves. We’ll have to wait and see what the rest of 2023 holds.”


ufurnish.com looked at data from five of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

As each social media channel utilises different metrics, these are the metrics we looked at for each platform:

Instagram: Number of posts on all hashtags related to each specific trend
TikTok: Number of views on all hashtags related to each specific trend
Pinterest: Search interest on a scale of 0 (no interest) to 100 (trending) related to keywords surrounding each specific trend
Twitter: Number of tweets mentioning interior trends
Facebook: Number of posts on all hashtags related to each specific trend

All hashtags and keywords analysed were directly linked to interiors. 

We then calculated the numbers to find out which trend had the highest number and worked out our top 10 trends for each platform.


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