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Interior Design Trends 2023

Stacey Sheppard is a freelance writer and award-winning interior design blogger. She started her blog - The Design Sheppard, in 2009 and is now ranked as one of the top interior design blogs in the UK. We are thrilled to have Stacey as a guest blogger for us. This month, Stacey turns her attention to what interior design trends we can expect to see in 2023.

It’s that time of year when 2023 interior trends are top of the agenda. What can we expect to see coming through as we head into a brand new year? 
It may seem that trends in the world of interiors move at lightning speed. But the truth is that for the most part it takes interior trends a good while to filter down and go mainstream. They often start in high-end interiors, hotels, and public spaces and it can take months if not years before they are translated into high street collections that are affordable enough for the general public to buy into.
In this post we will look at some of the 2023 interior trends that we expect to see coming to the fore next year.

1. Curved sofas & convivial seating

Curved furniture has been making its mark in interiors throughout 2022 and we have seen a number of high-end furniture companies bringing out beautifully curved sofas. The price point for many of these sofas is understandably quite high which is unsurprising. We are yet to see the curved sofa trend truly embraced by high street brands but 2023 could be the year that this happens. 

Curved sofas are more suited to larger spaces so this could explain why it’s not yet trickled down into the mainstream sofa offering. They aren’t quite as practical when it comes to spatial efficiency as their more angular counterparts. 

We are also seeing a vast array of curved chairs in more organic shapes. These are much easier to integrate into smaller spaces but again they haven’t quite appeared on the high street yet at a more affordable price point. 

Curved sofas are not only softer thanks to their organic lines, but they are also more convivial and conducive to socialising. Furniture that’s geared towards sitting together and conversation is also on the up. Corner sofas and sectional sofas will be big in 2023 as we spend more time entertaining indoors due to the cost of living crisis.

If you’re looking for a new sofa in 2023, take a look at our handy sofa buying guide.

2. Irregular rugs & mirrors

Following hot on the heels of curved and organic seating is irregular shaped rugs and mirrors. For 2023 interior trends you can forget about straight lines and harsh angles. If you want to really make a statement in your home next year, accessories like rugs and mirrors in unusual shapes is the way to go. 

Rugs are no longer just square or rectangular. We are now seeing rugs in biomorphic shapes which are more rounded and irregular. Some have no clear outline and others have a bulbous shape that mimics natural forms.

Mirrors too are getting more exciting offering less standard shapes than we are used to seeing. Square and round mirrors make way for wall mirrors with wavy edges and more fluid forms that evoke the movement of water. There is no doubt that asymmetric wall mirrors with a more curvy character will be a hot 2023 interior trend.

3. Architectural arches

Arches first burst onto the scene in 2020 but they don’t appear to be going anywhere soon. These can be in the form of architectural details, but also home accessories. Again, arches play into the macro trend of curves. They help to soften the space by removing hard angular corners. 

Arch mirrors are an obvious way to jump on this 2023 interior trend but if you are looking for something a little more exciting, try painting archways on the wall, artwork featuring arches, arches on rugs, arch-shaped wardrobes and any smaller accessories shaped like an arch. 

An interest spot from the high-end market is 3D trompe l’oeil effect arch mirrors that look like an actual archway. These have the added benefit of making small interiors look a lot bigger by creating the illusion of extra doorways. Keep an eye out for these mirrors in 2023 as they make their way from high-end interiors into more mainstream retailers. 

4. Desert decor

Our next 2023 interiors trend on our list in Desert decor. Inspired by our need for escapism over the past few years, Desert decor has a real holiday vibe and hints at warmer, drier climates. Tranquil, earthy colours, natural materials and soft textures combine to make this dreamy boho trend a huge hit for 2023. 

To bring this trend into your own home, think neutral colours mixed with earthy oranges and browns, subdued pinks and greens along with soft greys and beiges. When it comes to materials we’re seeing lots of terracotta and clay, maybe some cork, some rough stone and not forgetting rattan.

Sunsets, cacti and woven baskets are all integral components of desert décor and are not to be overlooked. 

5. Mushrooms

The last of our 2023 interior trends is perhaps a little left field but we are calling mushrooms as one to watch. This trend has been slowly building since 2021 and many of you may not have even noticed the friendly fungi spreading their spores into the interior’s world. 

But in 2023 this micro trend will be much more visible. Expect to see mushroom-shaped lighting, furniture, storage and accessories. Mushroom prints on blinds and curtains, wall murals and artwork will make an appearance too. 

In fact, you may have even noticed mushrooms popping up when looking for Christmas decorations. These lovely mushroom tree decorations from Rockett St George and these mushroom glass Christmas decorations from Selfridges are just two examples of how mushrooms are already making their mark on Christmas. So, keep your eyes peeled for more fabulous fungi in interiors next year.

So, there you have it. These are our 2023 interior trends predictions. In case you haven’t figured it out from this small selection, the current direction of our home interiors is heading towards curves, organic shapes and biomorphic forms. 

All of these can be traced back to the overarching trend for biophilic design which we’ve seen building for a few years now but was fast tracked by the pandemic when we all realised just how much we needed access to nature for our own mental and physical health and wellbeing.
I hope you have found plenty of 2023 interior trends inspiration in this post. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate these trends into your own home, you can search, discover, compare and love furniture from 110+ furniture retailers and over one million products with easy-to-use filters and expert advice so you can easily find your perfect item with ufurnish.com.

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Stacey Sheppard

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