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Bumpers & Cot Bedding Accessories

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Bumpers & Cot Bedding Accessories

Dressing and furnishing a nursery ready for a newborn is very much a case of juggling the functional and practical, with the relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. The cot, most likely providing the focal feature in the room, is one of the most important items of furniture you will buy for your baby, and yet most of the effectiveness, safety and comfort your baby gets from that cot will all be born from the bedding you choose and the way you accessorise the cot to optimise comfort.

From wooden slatted cot frames to smooth wood structures and metal frames and plastic constructions, most of the cots available on the market are made from durable and reliable structures – able to be lowered and adjusted regularly, while providing a stable foundation for your baby’s bed that can withstand years of use.

So, how do you turn that cold hard structure into something perfect for a newborn which will keep them safe and cushion their sleep?

Cot Bumpers and their uses

The first thing you will notice about any plain cot frame is that it is completely surrounded and made up of hard edges and tight corners – all things that your baby might hit their head on or worse. While it is second nature to lay bedding atop the base of the cot frame, one area that parents sometimes forget to cover is the side and end bars – a hazard not just due to their hard structure, but also because limbs could become trapped in the gaps between the bars if extra care is not taken.

Cot bumpers eliminate that hazardous risk by attaching to the bars on the inside; providing a removable cushion which spans the length of the bars on both sides, so that if your baby rolls towards the edge of the cot, their blow will always be cushioned. Installing cot bumpers is super easy, with most simply being made up of a long section of cushioned fabric which can be weaved sporadically through the bars to ensure complete coverage and attachment.

For the best cot bumpers, head to baby retailers or else consider making your own – using basic padding and a material of your choice.

The best cot bedding accessories for your baby

Once you have lined and padded your cot, the fun begins. Selecting cot bedding is a case of choosing a design and running with it, whether you opt for the generic gender colours, or a modern finish using neutrals and soft greys.

Some of our favourite cot bedding on the current market takes soft neutral tones and pairs them with intricate and exquisite character designs; bringing to life all your favourite safari animals and character personas upon a backdrop to match any decorative style.

As well as blankets and cushioned pillow ends, consider choosing a few cot accessories to stimulate your baby when they are awake in their cot – for example toys which hang above their head and clip onto the side of the cot, and soft toys which they can pick up and interact with.

For the best in cot bedding accessories, head to homeware and baby retailers who not only specialise in great designs and well-made products, but can also guide you towards the best products for sensitive skin and potential allergies – as well as the growing selection of breathable cot bedding options on the market to support a good night’s sleep all through the year.

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