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Bar Table Sets

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Bar Table Sets

Sometimes, when you simply don’t have enough space for a full dining table, the next best thing you can opt for is a bar table set. Whether you choose to use it inside, outside, or somewhere in between such as your patio or conservatory, a bar table set is a suitable choice for two diners or four diners, often boasting a high framed surface with complimentary high level chairs or bar stools.

In terms of aesthetic value and practicality, there isn’t much we can say that is negative about a bar table set – with most buyers loving the way that the visual spectacle of a higher dining option add a more interesting concept to their space. And it’s not as if retailer haven’t given the designs much thought, with everything from modern styles to more traditional finishes and completely unique ideas gracing the shelves.

The advantages to a bar table set

What does a set mean to you? Is it a table with completely matching chairs, or is it a loose style which is emanated by unique and individual yet still complimentary items? Or, in a completely different move, is a set simply a selection of pieces which are thrown together to form some kind of stylish chaos? Whatever it is that makes a bar table set stand out for you, most of the best options can be found in homeware retailers and furniture stylists, where buyers are able to mix and match or else invest in a complete matching set.

In terms of the advantages to a bar table set, the first is the convenience of a table and chairs which is just a little higher than average – immediately making the space appear more open by allowing light through both over and under the table and chairs. The fact is, a classic dining table set sits low down and once filled with bodies sitting around it, creates a dark area in the centre of the room which light can only move over. A higher chair and table set allows light to be seen all around the dining setting, immediately making the room feel bigger. Plus, the use of a table and chairs located at higher than average height makes for a much more visually interesting and pleasing design choice, particularly in a room or space where everything is typically quite low level – for example a conservatory where things are kept low to allow the full view to be appreciated from all angles, or a garden patio where most of the plants and hedges are quite low down.

Other practical examples of a bar table set include keeping food and drinks away from small children and pets and achieving a higher surface to serve food onto which is essentially easier to work with.

Top design features of a bar table set

The most important thing to consider, once you have chosen to maximise your space and light by opting for a bar table set, is which material will best suit your home. Some of the best examples of bar table sets on the market right now include solid wood frames or marble topped tables, filled with rustic charm or elegant grandeur respectively. Of course it is important, especially if you want to create a really light and airy feel, to keep the material and overall finish as light as possible – with a white marble effect proving a particularly popular choice for those who want to keep their space modern yet also visually interesting.

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