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Bath Towel Sets

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Bath Towel Sets

The market for bath towels is one with so many varieties and qualities available that it can be very difficult to choose the right products in line with your budget, your requirements, and your desired quality. While many homeowners opt for bath towel sets for their cost effective pricing which tends to feature a discount based on the purchase of a complete set rather than one-off items, finding ways to tell apart the various sets in terms of their quality is not always best linked with the advertised price.

How to find a bath towel set which is good quality

There are a number of factors which affect the quality of a towel, with many homeowners asking us how they can tell the quality of a towel set without first having to take it home and try it out. Of course, price is one of the most obvious ways of distinguishing between a high end bath towel and a much cheaper and lower quality, but when you are looking at towel sets with their varying price ranges and different offers, you need to establish a few other ways of telling apart the good from the bad.

The first thing we suggest looking at is the texture and feel of the towel on the shelf. If the towel is super soft and feels very luxurious in your hand, then it is likely that while the towel will retain that soft exterior for the first few washes, over time you will find that this kind of texture is not conducive with the primary purpose of drying yourself – and so in terms of its effectiveness, this is rated fairly low in terms of towelling quality.

Meanwhile, a very thin towel set is one which has been cheaply made and is likely to do the job of keeping you dry but with a very low lifespan – lasting only a short time before it needs to be replaced. Finding a happy medium is the trick, with the highest quality towelling sets often boasting a thick texture which is comfortable but not overly soft – i.e. you can feel a little friction when you rub your hand over the material.

Another thing that really makes a high quality towelling set stand out is the way that colour is used as part of its overall appearance – with cheaper bath towel sets tending to use much brighter colours which do not blend or work alongside the neutral colouring of many modern bathrooms. If you are looking for something which is high in quality and will create a stylish and seamless finish in a modern bathroom, make sure the colouring is neutral or pale in its coloured shade, with pale greens and blues working nicely given their natural influence in a water-based hygienic space.

Another recommendation we have regarding colouring deals with white towel sets – often regarded as a popular choice by buyers when stood in the shop, before they get their towel set home and realise that completely pure white towels are impractical and require constant washing. A better option would be to select shades of grey or even pastel colours which emphasise the light finish but in a much more suitable way for family life.

A bath towel set should include a couple of towels in different sizes, with a hand towel, bath sheet and mid-sized towel joined by a face flannel and sometimes a complimentary bathmat as well – though the latter is only available in limited ranges.

For the best selection of bath towel sets of all different finishes and qualities, head to department stores and bathroom retailers.

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