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Bathroom Bins

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Bathroom Bins

One of the most fundamental accessories across many rooms in the home is a waste bin – with our members often looking for bins which are large enough to house up to a week’s worth of waste, but small enough to remain relatively inconspicuous and easy to hide.

While kitchen bins tend to be larger and office bins much smaller to hold the occasional scrap of paper or sweet wrapper, many of the bathroom bins available on the market are small but tightly contained, made from a waterproof surface and often with a removable basket inside to allow for easy disposal. For those members looking for a bin to match their bathroom décor theme, many of our retailers have now extended their range to incorporate natural patterned and basic finishes, allowing buyers to select the product which most closely aligns with their theme.

Do I really need a bin in my bathroom?

From empty toothpaste tubes to discarded tooth picks and sanitary waste, bathroom bins are somewhat of a necessity in maintaining a clean and tidy environment. And with so many different variations and ranges available on the market, they don’t have to be an eyesore or even stand out.

For those looking at purchasing a new bathroom bin, consider one which can sit comfortably under the sink – convenient for regular use and easy to hide.

TOP TIP: One of the best design features we see across many modern bathroom bins, is not only their lidded finish but also the inner basket which is easy removeable with its own handle – meaning the entire bin can be picked up and emptied out safely and hygienically.

How to make sure that the bathroom bin blends in with the rest of the room

For one thing, consider how you want your bathroom to look when it’s complete – whether natural with wood and plant life dotted around the room, minimalist with white marble and clean surfaces, or vibrant and colourful to benefit the whole family. To blend in, the bathroom bin you choose should match the rest of the room, with many retailers offering bathroom sets which include complimentary laundry baskets, bathroom bins, and shelving boxes – creating a union and harmony between the various accessories decorating the room.

If, however, you are looking for a more eclectic style and finish, embracing different textures and materials can be a fun way to ensure a colourful finish.

Where to find bathroom bins

One of the first things our members ask is how big a bathroom bin needs to be – and if you are committed to regularly emptying the bin and cleaning your bathroom space, the bin really doesn’t need to be very big at all. While smaller retailers will only offer a limited range, heading to one of the bigger homeware stores or even a department store will ensure you get the best choice – not just in relation to design and colour, but size as well.

TOP TIP: As with kitchen bins, swing top bins with a foot pedal to open them are a very popular style of bathroom bin, primarily because they can be opened without having to bend down and touch the lid. Particularly when it comes to bathroom waste, this is a hygienic way to operate a bin of any size – with even the smallest of bathroom bins now available in foot-pedal swing tops.

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