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Cabinet Lighting

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Cabinet Lighting

Harnessing the power of light to create different moods and different atmospheres is half the fun of decorating, with more and more homeowners finding new and innovative ways of adding light to their space in a way which is functional and practical, as well as unique and aesthetically pleasing. Cabinet lighting is one way of achieving this via a means which puts a spotlight on the cabinets in your room rather than hiding them behind decorative accessories and items of furniture, and can be used across bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, dressing table cabinets and hallway cabinets.

Cabinet lighting comes in a variety of forms, from strip lighting which can be fitted to the inside or outside of the cabinet structure, to small spotlights which can be positioned in line with your own desires and whether you want to create a spotlight effect on certain pieces or else create a consistent level of light.

Things to consider with cabinet lighting

Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider when buying your cabinet lighting in terms of safety and effectiveness is the IP rating and how this relates to the location of your cabinet and how it will be used. If your cabinet lives in a bathroom and is likely to be regularly surrounded by a highly moisture filled atmosphere, the IP rating needs to be low to minimise the risk of any water damage impacting your light. This is something that the retailer or an electrician will be able to help with, though it really helps you to understand a little about the health and safety aspect of bathroom lighting.

If your cabinet is for a kitchen, we tend to find the top consideration of cabinet lighting buyers being the intensity with which they want to light their cabinet, and – crucially – whether the lighting is intended to shine a light on the inside of the cabinet, or simply use the cabinet as a structure on which to mount and conceal the lighting. One of the most popular uses of cabinet lighting is to conceal strip lighting – only allowing people to view it when the lights are switched on and the ambience is created, seemingly from out of nowhere. The best kind of lighting for this is no doubt strip lighting because it provides a seamless stretch of consistent light.

If you decide to opt for spot lighting, make sure you take time to consider how bright the lights will be and how far apart you need to space them in order to retain the visual effect of smaller rays of light, without creating large dark caverns in between each burst of light.

Fun things to do with cabinet lighting

One of the things you can do with interior cabinet lighting is set it to turn on automatically when the cabinet door is opened – a feature often linked to show cabinets full of trophies or prized possessions. This use of cabinet lighting means the space can be lit when it is needed, without causing a drain on the battery of electricity when the cabinet is not being used.

Another innovative way to use cabinet lighting is to invest in strip lighting which adds life and personality to your space – either with flashing light setting or coloured lights as required. These kind of additional options are ideal for entertainment spaces or children’s rooms and can instantly elevate your party décor to more of a light-hearted and fun mood.

If in doubt about the value and style of cabinet lighting you need, head to lighting specialists who ca guide you towards the best options for your home.

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