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Candle Wall Lights

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Candle Wall Lights

From fairy tale castle style decorating, to a modern home with quirky inflections and stylistic additions, candle wall lights immediately add a sense of grandeur to a room and can either become a focal feature or else blend into a more intricately designed backdrop of dark wood, richly coloured curtains and delicate artwork.

When it comes to lighting a home, the market is filled with so many different options that every room can utilise its own unique source of light and you still wouldn’t be able to try all the choices available. Candle wall lighting is a concept which to many seems antiquated, but in fact when used right can be both fun and stylish at once – particularly because a candle holder on the wall doesn’t have to be ornate and old fashioned.

Styling a traditional home

When you think of candle lights mounted on the walls, you can be forgiven for simply picturing a traditional old manor house or castle, with an ancient study dotted with candles lining the walls to give off a fluid source of flickering light. Commonly associated with events in old houses, for example weddings where candlelight is a far more romantically associated source of lighting than electric bulbs, candle wall lights add to the depth and texture of the room by creating a light which isn’t static and still but rather alive and vibrant – creating and adding life to an old home.

And that’s not to say that candle wall lights have to be real flame. With so many modern interpretations now featuring very realistic battery powered flames which flicker like the real thing, you can now use candle lights across your home without the risk of causing fires.

Styling a modern home

Far from the old and traditional style of candle mount which was intricate and ornate in its appearance and design, some of the most stylish wall lights in today’s market encompass simple structures and functional materials to create more of a rustic block styling that one which is elegant and grand. Where a traditional home feeds on furnishings and items which add to the character of the home, a modern home is designed around a neutral surface level with small hints of vibrance and life detailed within the angular shapes and plain colours – with one great example being a wooden candle wall light holder which retains and celebrates the natural grain on the wood to emanate a unique design and decorative idea.

Other modern interpretations of a candle wall light include basic metal holders, glass structures and mounts which are so minimal that they appear to be holding a candle up on its own with no mount at all – perfect for celebrating the functional and minimal influence of a modern home.

Things to consider with candle wall lights

As with any candle in the home, the main consideration is always around fire safety and ensuring that the positioning and location of your wall lights cannot cause damage to any soft furnishings, curtains or other items in the room. If the candles are placed too closely to a window for example, they can easily cause a fire to break out, so if in doubt eliminate the risk altogether and opt for faux candles with realistic flickering flames, or else select real candles for decoration but with no intention of lighting them.

The candles for wall lights can be found in more gift and homeware retailers, while the mounts themselves are best found in department stores and lighting specialists.

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