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Changing Mats

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Changing Mats

When it comes to changing your baby either at home or on the go, access to a plastic covered changing mat is key to ensuring a smooth and easy changing process which is not only safe for the baby but also safe for your furniture and soft furnishings.

The fact is, changing your baby is something you will face multiple times every single day, and so making the process as easy and clean as possible can mean the difference between a positive experience and one which ruins the rest of the day – and your outfit.

Selecting a changing mat which is covered in plastic is the most hygienic approach, though that it not all you need to consider when you head into a store to buy your ideal mat.

Things to consider when buying a changing mat

The first and most important thing to remember is that no matter how padded, comfortable and safe your changing mat is, you must never walk away from your baby or leave them unattended – particularly if the mat is laid atop a changing unit or table at height.

In terms of things to consider, let’s first look at exactly what a changing mat is and what support it is designed to give to new mothers. The features which characterise a good changing mat include:

  • Padded surface and edging

  • Plastic covering

  • A good fit to keep your baby secure

  • A pattern which compliments your room to keep your aesthetics on track

When it comes to the purchase of your mat, you first need to assess and understand the shape and size of your changing table – to ensure that the mat fits.

Once you have the right size and style, you can start to consider the material and finish, including how high the sides of the mat are, how well they will support and hold your baby in place, how easy the mat will be to clean regularly, and how well padded it is to provide optimum comfort.

Ways to make a changing mat a design feature as well as a practical item

A changing mat may not be a stylish accessory for your nursery, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore or stand out apart from the rest of the room. One of the key things to remember about all your baby accessories and items is that keeping the designs neutral and colourful will make them easier to store away in convenient and easy places, with some of our favourite changing mats on the market boasting super simple colours which are either left plain or adorned with simple patterns or popular characters.

Ensuring that the sides are well padded is arguably the most important factor to note about the changing mat, though buyers should note that there are also wide ranges now available of changing mats which are more portable – able to be folded up and taken with you on days out.

TOP TIP: Even if you are going somewhere with a decent family public toilet available, it is worth taking your own changing mat to lay atop the changing table for peace of mind and optimum hygiene.

For the best selection of changing mats on the market, from the plain to the playful and exciting in colour, head to specialist baby retailers and department stores which stock baby and nursery ranges. Make sure you head in to store equipped with the dimensions of your changing table or unit to make the buying process as easy as possible.

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