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Children's Desk Lamps

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Children's Desk Lamps

The most notable thing about children’s bedrooms and furniture options for children’s rooms, is the way that retailers and designers combine unique and exciting designs with functional purposes. Gone are the days where children have to rely on interesting lamp shades on an otherwise standard and generically design lamp. Today, the market is full of lights where the shape of their favourite character or creature becomes a light bulb in itself – allowing your child to fill their bedroom surfaces with all their favourite things and have those things transform into standalone lights when required.

One of the best things about this evolution of lighting designs is that children’s desks are no longer dull and lit with a standard desk lamp – today they are brightened with items and designs which can inspire children and spark their imagination, as well as create the optimum environment for their eyes to work to.

Desk lamps which are stylish

We often find that some of the most stylish designs are the most minimal and neutral in their finish, allowing the item to blend into its surroundings rather than make a statement. For the older child, stylish desk lamps allow them to create a harmonious space which is productive for them, ranging from the standard curved light which shines light down onto the surface of the desk, through to the moon style lamps which create a warm glow to fill the space, and even standalone bulbs which are reflective of the earliest light bulbs.

Desk lamps which are exciting

These are the lights which come in different shapes and sizes and are particularly great for children who are very keen on a certain design or theme – for example dinosaurs, spaceships or princesses. Turning objects into lights is no new concept, but it is one which has proven to be very popular across the children’s market, helping to encourage children to switch on the light both to use the desk and to create a better environment to nurture their eyesight – something that should be a primary focus for parents when it comes to lighting any area of their child’s room.

Things to consider when buying a child’s desk lamp

The primary thing to consider when it comes to buying a desk lamp for a child’s room is the intensity of the light and how good the light is for their eyes. Anything too bright can cause problems with their vision, whereas anything too dull will cause them to squint and will leave them struggling to see what they are doing. Much of this depends on the size of the desk and the size of the space you are wanting to light, with the proximity of the child to the light source proving an important factor in deciding how bright the light needs to be. We tend to find that lamps with flexible stems are particularly good for larger desks, as they can be adjusted and angled easily in terms of the direction of the light and can be turned away if the glare is too bright.

The other thing to consider is whether the desk lamp is battery powered or needs to be connected to mains electricity, with the latter providing a challenge in ensuring the wire does not become a hazard in your child’s room. Where possible, stick with battery powered lights or located the desk and desk lamp right over a wall socket.

For the best children’s desk lamps, head to children’s and department store retailers, and homeware specialists.

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