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Children's Floor Lamps

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Children's Floor Lamps

When it comes to lighting any room in the home, floor lamps are ideal for creating cosy and welcoming areas ideal for reading and relaxing, giving off a small circle of light and adding extra levels to the room’s overall aesthetic. The fact is however, children’s floor lamps can be a challenge to purchase primarily because the ideal height for a child is not necessarily conducive for an adult to use, and often buyers will find that their children quickly outgrow specially designed children’s height floor lamps.

As such, retailers have come up with a series of designs which encompass these required adaptations, offering both adjustable single-head floor lamps and an innovative creation which pairs two light heads at different heights; offering one light which is at the right height for a child, and one which is the right height for an adult.

Mother and Child Floor Lights

One of the most popular innovative design concepts on the current market, the adjustable two headed floor lamps are known across the board as ‘Mother and Child’ lights and essentially feature two light heads on a kind of tracking stem – allowing the secondary head to be moved up and down at will according to the height of the child. These lights are particularly useful not just for providing light to two different users, but also creating a really unique and interesting design aesthetic with regards to the direction and intensity of the light – the lower down light head casting a more intense circle of light onto the floor or furniture it sits above, while the taller light creates more of an overall ambience spanning a larger surface area.

Standard child’s floor lamps

For those simply looking for a floor lamp that their child can use, we would still recommend opting for an adjustable height lamp though you likely will only need one lamp head. Some of the most popular designs have angled light heads which can be adjusted in line with the use, making the complete lamp more versatile than a standard floor lamp which you might situate in a main living space. Once you’ve decided on the best construction for your child’s room, material and colour come into play – with most buyers keeping it fairly neutral with a sturdy material such as metal or wood, or in some cases a very strong reinforced plastic. All of these options should be designed with a sturdy base, ensuring the light cannot topple or fall at any time, with the light ideally sitting atop a weighted base or up to four legs to balance the weight.

In terms of finding something that your child will love, one of the easiest ways to continually update and accessorise your light is to opt for something plain and simple, and add extra features to it to alter the appearance. Remember, the quality of a light can be completely transformed with a new bulb, and so for a princess room consider a pink tinted bulb, whereas a spaceship themed room may benefit from a duller light which allows the neon stars on the ceiling to glow really brightly. Other fun options for children include structures made from creatures – for example the main body of the light replicating that of a giraffe with a long neck, or else a snake or sea creature.

For the best selection of fun, practical and aesthetically pleasing floor lamps which are perfect for children, head to homeware and children’s decorative retailers, as well as department and lighting stores.

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