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Children's Headboards

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Children's Headboards

When it comes to an adult bed, the headboard is often something we choose to live without; particularly given the rise of minimalist rooms, wall art as a focal point, and neutral shades dominating entire rooms.

Having said that, there is still a market for the traditional headboard – and for those a little more modern and unique in design, encompassing not just the flat sided solid structures but also metal headboard frames, stylish slates and fabric covered cushioning.

What value does a headboard add to a child’s bed?

One of the most common questions we get asked by parents is how they can possibly make reading to their children – and the concept of story time – that little bit more comfortable and appealing. They ask us for ways of adding more comfort not just for children but for their parents – and the answer nearly always lies with a headboard. After all, no matter how many cushions and pillows you stack up, nothing gives you quite the same support as a solid headboard to lean against.

Another benefit of a headboard is that is provides a kind of buffer for your child and for everything on their bed, meaning that you will spend a lot less time searching for lost toys which may or may not have fallen down the back of an open bed space.

And then we come to aesthetics, and the added visual value that a headboard can offer – when you choose the right one. For a themed space, this could mean selecting a headboard which allows your child’s bed to be viewed as a spaceship or a race car; a princess or a sailboat. It could also add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral space, or it can be used as more of an intricate decorative accessory that adds glamour and grandeur as well as visual appeal. Of course, the finish you do end up with will depend on the style of headboard you opt for – and that’s where material and construction come into play.

What is the best material for a child’s headboard?

While metal frames are undoubtably stylish in finish, we often advise that parents of younger children steer clear of the small gaps and intricate designs of a metal frame – not just because small fingers and hairs can become easily caught in the gaps, but because metal frames can be painful to bang your head on, and they do not lend themselves as a comfortable backrest during story time.

Solid wooden structures are another option which offer a very different stylistic finish, achieving much more of a natural and rustic look while remaining on trend and visually pleasing. We particularly like solid wood headboards for their deep frame and the fact that the top of the headboard can often double up as a decorative surface for a light or drink – though this will depend on the individual design and construction of the headboard.

And then we come to the fabric padded headboards – perfect for all ages, and a great way to add colour and thematic style to the bed of any child. The more padded your headboard is, the more comfortable it will be – though buyers should bare in the mind that fabric cushioned headboards are the quickest to wear out and can appear very worn and tired quite quickly if they are not well cared for and maintained.

For the widest selection of headboards to fit all manner of beds, head to specialist bed retailers and furniture stores – both those targeted at children and those designed for all the family.

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