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Children's Lamp Shades

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Children's Lamp Shades

When it comes to furnishing and dressing your home as a whole, you often find that lampshades are the pinnacle of any room with regards to bringing together a complete decorative theme and colour palette. And despite children’s rooms being open to far more colour and vibrancy, most homeowners find that in fact they still use lamp shades as a means of really drumming home the overall theme of the room – whether it be pirates or princesses; space ships or safari animals.

One of the best things about children’s lamp shades in particular is not the broad range of flat designs atop the material finish, but in fact the way that manufacturers layer the different materials in terms of thickness, thus altering and affecting the way the light shines through and around the various shapes printed on the lampshade.

What this ultimately means is that, through some clever layering around the fabric of the lamp shade, as soon as the light is switched on it reflects the various shapes onto the walls and creates various shadows where the material is at its thickest and completely blocks the light from being projected outwards. As an overall effect, this is one that children in particular tend to love.

The best colours for children’s lamp shades

The best coloured lamp shades tend to be both neutral in their tone and quite soft and relaxing in their shade, in order to allow the room to remain a place of harmony and relaxation as well as somewhere to play. We tend to find that the best children’s lamp shades add vibrancy through their patterns and designs, while keeping the backdrop minimal and pale in order to allow the maximum amount of light to shine through and create a warm and welcoming space.

Parents should note that the more patterned a child’s lamp shade is, the more time they are likely to spend looking at it – and so you should take care to ensure that the bulb is not so bright that it causes them issues with their vision either immediately or in the future. Likewise, you should also take care when installing the lampshade and check that it is securely fastened to the wall, ceiling or lamp stand for complete health and safety purposes.

The best patterns for children’s lamp shades

While super intricate and detailed patterns are fun to look at on the surface of the lamp itself, we actually tend to find that those which best reflect onto the surface of the ceiling and wall are large and very basic patterns which can immediately be outlined and identified through their shadows. For a really effective shadow effect, consider lamp shades with cut out patterns as opposed to layered fabrics and materials, providing clear cut areas for the light to shine directly through and add light patches onto a darkened surface. We sometimes find that these lamp shades can afford to be more intricate in design, with some retailers exploring the idea of printing words and letters into the lamp shade fabric for an added effect.

Overall, lamp shades are there to elevate not just the standalone appearance of the lamp, but its effect when it is switched on. Though fabric shades tend to be most popular for children’s rooms as they are safe and hazard free, glass shades can make for a really stylish finish in your living space and other areas of the home. All these lamp shades and more can be found across department stores, homeware retailers and designed home stylists.

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