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Children's Table Lamps

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Children's Table Lamps

When it comes to the light beside a child’s bed, we tend to find that buyers and homeowners channel as much thought and consideration into the functionality and ease of use as they do into the design and overall appearance of the lamp – selecting the best options in terms of switching the light on and off, the brightness of the light bulb according to its use, whether or not it should or will be left on all night, and its position in relation to the bed to minimise the chance of accidents.

The functional aspects of a child’s table lamp

This is where we think about how the light will be switched on, where it will be positioned, and anything else which relates to its function rather than its aesthetic value. One of the most popular more modern designs is to have a lamp which is switched on and off by touch, allowing the child to have full control over their lamp with a simple tap on the stem or body of the lamp. These lights are particularly good for younger children who may not yet be able to control a proper switch themselves, giving them some control over their light and letting them turn it on themselves if they get scared.

TOP TIP: If you don’t want your child switching the light on and off all night, there are ways of disabling the touch pad switch – or you can simply unplug or switch the light off at the wall.

Other alternative methods of operating a table lamp include the small switch a short way down the power cable or wire, the switch which sits directly below the bulb, and even some table lamps which can be wired into the mains and operated via a wall switch. All of these are okay for older children, though we recommend keeping those with high switches by the bulb reserved for older children only as young children may risk burning themselves if a bulb gets too hot.

And then we come to placement of your table lamp. For a bedside table, we recommend pushing the light far back enough that a child rolling over will not risk hitting their head on the light head or base of the lamp. You also want to make sure that the light is positioned as close as possible to a wall socket if it is powered by electricity, to minimise the need for cables to be run across the floor or across the room.

The design choices for children’s table lamps

Some of our favourite table lamp designs for children actually take the entire shape of a creature or popular character and channel it into the lamp as a whole – altering the shape of the lamp and its construction rather than simply printing an image onto a generic lamp shade. Some of the best examples on the current market include dinosaur shaped lamps, unicorns, princesses and pirate ship – all designed using reinforced plastic which doesn’t get hot to the touch, which creates a really unique and interesting source of light which is reflected in different shades and colours, and looks great both when switched on and off.

Other popular designs include tall lava style lamps, old school traditional lamps which are popular with older children, and innovative design concepts which are made to look like natural phenomenon’s like the moon or the earth.

All of these ideas and more can be found across department stores, lighting retailers and homeware decorative stores.

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