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Clothes Rails & Wardrobe Systems

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Clothes Rails & Wardrobe Systems

From the walk-in wardrobes of an LA mansion, to the conservative wardrobe system of a London-home, to the quirky exposed clothes rails found in a Parisian apartment, the way that we choose to store and display our clothes is constantly evolving – with no one way standing out as “better” or “preferable”. While some of our members like to retain a very clear and clutter-free bedroom, tending to keep their clothes hidden behind wardrobe doors or in separate dressing rooms, others like the vibrancy and colour than an exposed rail can bring to a room – choosing to display their finest outfits and more outrageous items for any visitor to see.

Exploring the different wardrobe options and their benefits

When it comes to selecting the best wardrobe for your home, one thing which needs to be understood from the off is the amount of space you are able to dedicate to the wardrobe – and whether it will be able to store all your clothes. One of the most popular reasons for annual “Spring clear-outs” is a distinct lack of wardrobe space for new purchases made throughout the year, so we suggest that before purchasing any kind of wardrobe our members assess their storage need, and the space available. Then we come to selecting the wardrobe itself. The benefits of standard two door wardrobes are that a user can easily open the doors and reveal everything in one place – made easier by colour coding or splitting outfits up by occasion. Some wardrobes on the market contain a set of shelves to one side next to the rail, allowing users to store t-shirts, jumpers and other items which don’t need to be hung in the same place, without taking up valuable rail space. Other wardrobe options include sliding doors which can create a sleeker feel, built-in wardrobes which are set back into their surroundings and so blend in really well as opposed to standing out and taking up extra floor space, and wrap around wardrobes which are uniquely designed in a curved or angled shape to follow the contours of the room and enhance its shape.

The benefits of a clothes rail

For those lucky enough to have a room in their home dedicated to storing clothes and getting dressed, a clothes rail is a great addition for housing those extra special outfits – ball gowns, designer jackets, and old favourites. Creating the kind of design feature seen backstage of catwalk shows, clothes rails are increasing in popularity thanks to the ease from which users can see their clothes, and the way that the rails can compactly slot into a corner without taking up too much space.

Deciding on the best clothing solution for your home

When our members ask which style of wardrobe or clothing rail is best for their home, we urge them to consider the design aesthetic of the room in question and consider which style of solution would work best for them. Clothing rails, while practical and trendy, tend to work best in a industrial or modern setting, and can be found in in hardware and DIY stores at affordable prices. For full wardrobe fittings, consider speaking to a furniture retail expert who can advise on the most suitable style for your room, and is likely to provide package prices for design, creating and fitting.

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