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Bedroom Storage

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Bedroom Storage

Keeping your bedroom tidy is often linked to a more productive mindset, better sleep, and a more relaxed peace of mind. We know for a fact that our members do not relish clutter, and the idea of tidying away multiple items every day can cause anxiety and a strong sense of dread. All in all, it’s simply not worth it. The solution? Bedroom storage – and we don’t just mean chest of drawers and a wardrobe or two. While these are both excellent solutions to contain different pieces and items, the market is full of different bedroom storage solutions which are stylish, unique, and ideally suited to different finishes – whether you are going for minimalistic chic, a rustic glamour, or dressing a child’s bedroom.

Dressing an adult bedroom with storage

When it comes to selecting items of furniture for an adult bedroom, how many of us are guilty of opting for pieces which look great – even if they don’t provide enough storage space to contain all our belongings? Our first suggestion is to keep the wardrobe strictly for clothes, as this will ensure all your clothes have a dedicated home, and will enable you to get yourself into a habit of regularly putting clothes away to keep the floor space and surface clear of clothing. Other popular types of bedroom storage for an adults’ room include Ottoman chests located at the end of the bed, bedside tables with small cupboards and drawers (perfect for jewellery and small items you want to keep safe), and under-the-bed storage – whether it’s built in, or simply a stack of stylish and well ordered boxes which you place under there yourself. TOP TIP: If you are worried about creating such a tidy bedroom that you forget everything you own, or if you are someone who likes to be able to see all their outfits in order to select the best one for the occasion, then one great idea is to organise clothes and items within a storage wardrobe by colour, season or occasion. This can also work with shoes, with some buyers keeping shoes in their original boxes but attaching a photo of the shoes to the front – so that you can quickly see which shoes are in each box.

Dressing a child’s bedroom with storage

A child’s bedroom is subject to daily clutter and mess, particularly when they have lots of toys. As such, clever storage which ensures a tidy room at the end of the day but doesn’t detract from the whimsical enjoyment of the room is key – and that’s why we love the idea of novelty storage boxes in all different shapes and sizes, from circus themed storage cases to stacked boxes which resemble building blocks. And if you can’t find the perfect design to match your child’s room, opt for a cheaper basic alternative, and paint it yourself!

Sourcing the best bedroom storage

For those dressing an entirely new bedroom, you may find that the retailer fitting out your bedroom will include a series of innovative and hidden storage solutions – all in line with your overall design and chosen finish. For those simply looking to expand their storage space with a one-off purchase, out first suggestion is to decide on the style you are looking for – whether you want something modern in a block colour, or more of a rustic handmade feel. The best storage boxes are typically found in homeware and hardware stores, though second hand and antique dealers are likely to offer a good range of storage items which boast a history and more of a traditional finish.

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