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Clothing & Garment Racks

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Clothing & Garment Racks

Decorating a bedroom is often a case of choosing items of furniture which provide a functional purpose and blend in with the overall space to create a sense of relaxing harmony. For many, this means concealed wardrobes and shelves which can be hidden to retain the sense of calm – though for some, particularly with drawn towards a more industrial style of home, displaying and showcasing their clothing and garments is all a part of their decoration. A clothing and garment rack is one which we would typically refer to as an exposed rack, similar to those seen in clothing stores across the country. Allowing the user to see all their garments on full display, some of the best racks on the current market combine the rails and hangers with a few built in shelves, making them the ideal solution for those who want to keep all of their key outfits stored together in one place.

The benefits of a clothing and garment rack

More than anything else, clothing and garment racks means that finding and identifying your clothes and outfits has never been easier. One of the main things we hear from so many homeowners is that concealed and dark wardrobes leave them forgetting what they own as clothes get pushed to the back – making clothing racks particularly popular as a way of bringing all your garments into the natural light of your room. Another benefit is that a clothing and garment rack makes for its very own kind of decorative accessory, bringing life and vibrancy to your bedroom or dressing room in a way that wardrobes cannot achieve. We tend to view this particular kind of style as very industrial as it truly epitomises the functionality of the item rather than hiding it behind minimalism or neutral colouring – though we are seeing more and more modern homeowners choosing clothing racks as a way of combining the functionality with the very simple style of the rack. And then we come to the space saving aspect of the clothing and garment rack, and the fact that owning one of these is not only a cheaper way of storing clothes but is also more beneficial in a smaller room which cannot hold a full wardrobe. One of the things we often find about wardrobes is that their sheer size and grandeur quickly detracts and draws all the light from a room, particularly if that room is quite small. Clothing racks are light and portable, with the natural light in the room able to shine around and between the hung clothes rather than being completely blocked by a solid structure – thus brightening the space and optimising the floor space available.

Things to consider with your clothing and garment rack

The main thing you need to consider is the size of your clothing rack and whether or not you want it to feature built-in shelving for other garments such as t-shirts and skirts or pairs of jeans. We often find that these racks with shelves are popular as all-round clothing storage solutions, while simple racks are ideal for those looking to display a few select items. The other thing to consider is the material and construction of your rack; whether you want it to be industrial with metal and dark wood detailing, or more modern with a neutral and natural structured frame made with wood and pale colours. To find your ideal clothing and garment rack, head to a department store or homeware retailer.

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