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Corner Bookcases

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Corner Bookcases

One of the new trends which we love to see our members embrace and use in their own homes is an increased use of corner shapes as a way of maximising and utilising the space available. Corner and L-shaped sofas are a growing trend which allow the sofa to sit right back against a wall without cutting off a corner, essentially providing a comfortable experience which blends nicely in the shape of the room itself and doesn’t cut areas off to create a far more limited representation.

Likewise, corner bookcases take the concept of a bookcase – often an item relegated to a piece of wall – and give it its own unique way of using the space it has available, by slotting it nicely into a corner through a couple of different design methods.

Method One

The first method creates a bookcase which could double as a standard shelving unit; taking the idea of a large set of shelves which back into a corner and extend outwards from the wall to create a solid structure which, visually, completely cuts the corner off. What this provides is a really deep shelf on each level; something which can be used to create multiple layers of books or items on each shelf, to maximise the space available.

Though this is great in terms of using the space, the problem with using method one for a bookcase is that the depth of space still leaves only a limited section which can be easily viewed – with a whole secondary row of books stacked behind the front row which cannot be viewed from afar.

Method Two

Method Two takes two bookshelf designs and slots them together to sit in a corner; the joining coming together in the corner so that the two separate shelves sit against each wall. Though the corner itself is a little harder to reach than the other shelves, the beauty of this style of corner bookshelf is that the two bookshelves provide a large cross section of space for all the books to be equally displayed on the front row rather than stacked behind each other, creating a space in the middle and essentially simply expanding the shape of the corner outwards and further into the room.

This corner space can be used as a small reading area for children, or can be made to look more welcoming and comfortable through the use of a bent table lamp sat atop the bookshelf and angled downwards to create a spotlight on the floor in front of the shelves. Add a small round rug to really add extra comfort and to play with the shapes and add visual interest to the room.

Why we love corner bookshelves

We love corner bookshelves because they use the natural shape of the room without cutting it off, and blend seamlessly in rather than simply sitting static against a plain wall waiting to be seen. A bookshelf should be a place where infinite possibility and imagination lies, and so making it appear innovative and exciting will only seek to enhance its potential as a portal to fiction. We recommend keeping the design and material of the bookshelf as natural as possible, adding colour if the bookshelf is in a child’s room or else keeping it plain for a living space.

The best corner bookshelves can be found in high street furniture retailers, though we recommend steering clear of corner bookshelves if you also have a corner sofa – after all, the centre of the room needs at least some volume in it or the whole room will appear flat and unbalanced.

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