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Corner Bookcases

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Corner Bookcases

Corner furnishings present an opportunity to maximise every angle of a room, slotting items deep into the corners so that they sit flush with the walls and don’t cut off floorspace unnecessarily.

Corner bookcases in particular have grown in popularity in recent years as versatile and diverse storage solutions, which enable homeowners to display books and other accessories on shelves which are designed to look as if they were tailor made for the floor space they occupy. With two main models available on the market, there is a corner bookcase design for every home – from those looking to optimise a compact living space or studio area, to those who want to fill and add their personal design flair to their home.

The first style replicates the structure of a standard shelving unit, but with a pointed back that slots neatly into the corner of a room. The benefit of this style is the depth of each shelf, and the clean and angular aesthetics from every angle.

The second style connects two shelves which sit along both walls jutting out from the corner. While display space is limited, this style of corner bookcase maximises the amount of floor space available and makes the room feel more open.

Why We Love Corner Bookcases

  • A small corner bookcase is a great way to create a section of the room, which is dedicated to your favoured possessions, decorative accessories, and display items.

  • Far from cutting corners, a corner bookcase is an effective way of utilising the natural shape of the room – blending the furnishing into the overall space rather than simply placing a static bookshelf against a wall.

  • A corner bookcase becomes a focal point, utilising innovative design flair to create your very own portal to fictitious and exciting worlds. If nothing else, having a dedicated book corner is great for inspiring and getting kids excited about reading.

  • The diverse range of finishes, from coloured bookcases to oak corner bookcases and more means that it’s easy to find the right structure and style to compliment any interior space or setting.

  • A corner bookcase can help to balance a room and or make an open-plan space feel more put-together and homely.

Corner Bookcase FAQs

How do you build and install a corner bookcase?

Most of the modern marketplace bookcases come as ready-installed furnishings or with comprehensive instructions to guide the build process. Whether you opt for style one or two, we recommend considering the amount of space you have in the room and how much of a feature you want your bookcase to be. A unit which slots neatly into the corner with a broad frontage and pointed back is much more of a standout design than one which combines two individual shelves into one space.

Can you just place two standard bookcases in a corner?

While this is possible as a DIY corner bookcase solution, homeowners are advised to note that fixing two independent bookcases into a corner will cut off a large portion of bookcases where they overlap and join. This can impact accessibility and will still render a portion of the corner unusable.

Where should you position your corner bookcase?

The beauty of a bookcase, regardless of its design and structure, is that it can become part of the interior design of any space in your home. From hallways to home offices, living rooms, dining spaces, and bedrooms, adding a corner bookcase is a great way to inject personality into any room of your home.

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