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Can You Simply Put Two Standard Bookcases in a Corner?

Placing two standard bookcases in a corner might seem like a convenient storage solution, but it's important to consider both the aesthetics and practicality of this arrangement. While it can create additional storage space and utilise corner areas effectively, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Fit and Alignment Challenges

Standard bookcases, with their straight edges and uniform dimensions, are designed to be placed against flat walls. When you place two of these bookcases in a corner, you might encounter issues with fit and alignment. Corner spaces are rarely perfect right angles, and this can lead to gaps between the bookcases and the walls. These gaps not only compromise the overall look but also create spaces where dust and dirt can accumulate.

Wasted Space and Accessibility

Additionally, placing two bookcases in a corner might result in wasted space in the centre. The corner itself becomes a no man's land, difficult to access and often ignored. This defeats the purpose of maximising storage efficiency. Furthermore, if the bookcases are tall, reaching the items stored on the upper shelves could become a challenge.

Alternative Solutions: Corner Units

To address these issues, you might consider alternative solutions. Corner bookcases or shelves specifically designed for corner spaces can be a better fit. These units are shaped to seamlessly fit into corners, eliminating awkward gaps and ensuring a more cohesive appearance. They make the most of the corner space without sacrificing aesthetics or accessibility.

Custom-Built Integration

Custom-built solutions are another option. By creating a corner unit that connects the two bookcases, you can achieve a more integrated and visually pleasing setup. This could involve adding diagonal shelves, filling the gap between the bookcases, and providing a smoother transition between the two walls.

Room Design and Layout Considerations

When arranging bookcases in a corner, consider the overall design and layout of the room. If the corner placement doesn't disrupt the flow and harmony of the space, it can still be a viable option. However, if the corner is a focal point or an area of high visibility, a more purpose-built solution might be preferable.

Accessibility and Convenience

Keep in mind the type of items you plan to store on the bookcases. If the items are frequently used, accessibility becomes a crucial factor. The convenience of reaching your belongings should outweigh any challenges posed by corner placement.

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