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Decorative Bathroom Stools

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Decorative Bathroom Stools

Whether or not your bathroom needs a stool becomes entirely irrelevant when talking about decorative bathroom stools. These stools are designed to provide you with an extra surface and somewhere to sit down, but they are also decorative for a reason – often used by homeowners to pull together a specific design style or theme, and provide a place to rest other luxurious amenities such as flowers and stacks of rolled towels – just like you might see in a spa.

Different types of decorative stool that could be used in a bathroom

The first type of stool we often see gracing the bathroom corner of many homes is the classic wooden stool – with some opting for the generic round top with four legs, while other expand their decorative styling a little with a stool which looks like a miniature step ladder. Whatever it is, small wooden stools compliment bathroom spaces perfectly because they pull together the delicate blend of natural design and a super smooth and hygienic finish – adding depth and texture to what can otherwise become quite a bland and boring space. These natural wooden stools are most commonly picked up by those looking for a modern or rustic finish, with bamboo being a particularly strong contender if you want something a little more waterproof.

Another type of decorative stool is a little more stylised in its construction, appearing to resemble more of a solid cylinder which can be topped with a coloured pouffe type seating pad or just left plain to stand as more of a side table than a stool for sitting. These kinds of stools are growing in popularity across bathrooms because the cylindrical shape adds new levels to the bathroom, creating more of a 3D finish against the very straight edged backdrop. We often find that these stools are particularly popular in very contemporary homes and are used to add pops of colour.

And then there are the decorative bathroom stools which are there for the children rather than the adults – something for them to put all their toys on or sit down on while they dry. A lot of retailers have seen the need for extra bathroom storage and incorporated this into their ranges of stools designed for children, allowing the seat to be lifted to reveal a cavity of space beneath – ideal for storing bath toys. These decorative stools often take the term ‘decorative’ very literally, with themes and patterns, characters and fun designs all over them as retailers and buyers alike seek to make bath time fun for children.

Things to consider when you buy your decorative stool

The first thing to consider is the primary use of your stool, and how that might affect which height you should be looking for and what kind of design finish you might need. If you think you might want your stool to sit beside you in the bath tub and keep your phone propped up so you can continue watching Netflix, you want something that’s not too high that it will spoil your view. If you want to be able to reach something on your stool while you’re stood in the shower, you might find yourself reaching for one of the taller stools available with a sturdy set of legs to hold it steady – and ensure you don’t knock it over.

For the widest range of decorative bathroom stools, spanning across a range of heights and overall designs, including natural structures and more whimsical and visually interesting ones, head to our variety of homeware decorative stores and accessory retailers, as well as furniture stores.

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