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Decorative Garden Stools

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Decorative Garden Stools

If you have an outdoor area which is limited on space, or are looking for ways to add unique and personal touches to the overall aesthetic of your garden without spending too much money, decorative garden stools match the need for functional and attractive items – no matter what style it is you are trying to capture and showcase.

For the most part, we tend to find that the decorative garden stools our members buy and use are in fact multi-purpose for use both inside and outside the house, and are particularly popular with those who have conservatory spaces or who want to double up on their furniture use across their home and garden – using their stools as a seating option during gatherings, or as a drinks holder on a chilled evening outside.

The top designs of decorative garden stool

There is no one definition of what makes a garden stool decorative – rather, it is how the stool captures your chosen style in its surface finish and the way it has been constructed. While some of our favourite options are super simple with a round seat atop four legs, in a coated wood material which achieves a rustic and super outdoorsy feel, there has been a recent surge in the amount of decorative garden stools which are far more innovative in their shaping and construction – for example taking more than one stool and designing them to stack underneath each other, or taking recognisable character shapes and turning them into a table or stool top.

Another common style is actually built to resemble a step ladder of sorts, creating different levels and layers even in its minimal structure. And finally, our other most popular design which has been derived from pub stools and is actually super effective in an industrial home uses metal rather than wood, and creates garden stools from seats which are made to look like commercial use objects, for example bottle caps and tool boxes.

Making sure your garden decorative stool is suitable for versatile use

Of course, if you want to use your garden decorative stool for multiple purposes then you will need to understand the potential uses and decide on the best height and structure for your stool based on those requirements. For example, if you want to use the stool as a side table as well as a stool to sit on, you will need to make sure it has enough height that it sits comfortably beside a sofa or outside seat, but not so high that the user ends up reaching upwards to get their drink. Likewise, if you want your decorative garden stool to be the right height for children to use as an additional seat, make sure it is low and sturdy enough that they can safely perch on top of it without it falling over. The more the four legs spread out at the bottom, the firmer the base of the stool is.

And finally, it’s all about the aesthetics when it comes to a decorative garden stool – so make sure that you spend plenty of time getting the overall look right. You will likely find that as the garden stool is designed for outdoor use, the seat is unlikely to be padded or covered in fabric – however you can easily add cushions or throws to elevate the comfort and provide a little extra luxury for the right occasion.

For the best array of decorative garden stools for all homes, head to garden centres and homeware stylists – or consider painting your own!

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