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Dressing Table Stools

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Dressing Table Stools

From high-back chairs oozing glamour and grandeur, to low key stools which slot underneath the dressing down and are concealed from sight, the type of dressing table stool you choose will depend on the overall finish of both the dressing table itself and the room in full. We know our members love to dress the different rooms in their home with themes and décor styles, and up there among some of the favourites are rustic hideaway, modern palace and glamorous haven – with the latter particularly popular with dressing room owners.

As well as the design choices, the dressing table stool you select needs to be comfortable and support a good posture, allowing you to sit up straight in front of the mirror, and providing enough flexibility that you can spin around to pick up various items, lean forward to see into the mirror up close, and get up and down easily.

Top considerations when you head out to buy a dressing table stool

Comfort – is it comfortable? Are you happy to spend time sitting on it as you get ready, or will you want to get up as soon as you’ve settled in? Some of the best designs we have seen boast a stable wooden structure, with a thickly padded seating cushion – available often as a set paired with the matching dressing table, though occasionally homeware retailers will sell these stools separately. TOP TIP: Note that in a move away from bar stools, dressing table stools tend to be much lower down so as to slot into the space underneath a dressing table and to keep your feet firmly grounded on the floor, so in homeware and furniture retailers you will want to narrow your search down further than simply looking at “stools”.

Appearance – Does it match your room? Though we know some buyers like to pick a glamorous dressing table and intricately designed stool to match and make them feel special as they get ready, the fact is that some homes simply aren’t designed for that sort of furniture – preferring instead a reliance on clean lines and neutral designs. If you’re undecided on the best stool and dressing table set for your home, head to our selection of furniture retailers with showrooms, so that you can see how the different styles of table set are surrounded and placed into different themes of room.

Access to natural light – is the dressing table stool in the optimum position to give your face the full benefit of natural light? This not only means a reliance on the position of the table and stool itself, but also the height you choose and which barriers you cover the dressing table with which may block light from reaching your face. Play around with positioning to work out the best possible solution.

Practicality – does it fit under your dressing table, and is it large enough to support you comfortably? Another key question – and one which many members don’t consider until it is too late – is whether a stool with a backrest will actually become more of a hinderance than a help. After all, for those who like to do their hair sat at their dressing table, you may find that the inclusion of a back rest will actually get in the way of the ability to dry or style your hair. And finally, does it seat you at the right height to use your mirror safely and easily?

For the best selection of dressing table stools on the market right now, head to furniture retailers and homeware stores, with many offering dressing table and matching stools as part of a popular set.

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