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Fireplace Accessories

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Fireplace Accessories

When buyers opt for an older period house, or one designed in the style of traditional housing, they will often find that at least one room is dominated by a fireplace. Though many seek to have the fireplace removed and replaced with a simple wall or faux grate, the addition of a fireplace in the home can actually provide an exciting and unique feature – which can be dressed up in whatever style you see fit.

We know that many of our members seek high quality talking points and design features in their homes, exploring retailers for the widest range of fireplace accessories on the market; from the practical right through to the entertaining and aesthetically pleasing.

But how can you best utilise the addition of a fireplace with regards to both comfort and style?

The best in useful fireplace accessories

When it comes to dressing up your fireplace, we often put focus on what looks great – without much regard for those tools which are practical and useful.

With a range of homeware retailers on the market, selecting the most useful accessories within your budget is now super easy, allowing you to put your fireplace to good use safely and effectively.

One of the primary questions we get asked is which accessories you actually need, and to this we say that in fact, when it comes to practicality, the more you have the better.

From fire bellows to wind protectors and ash-removal grates, every useful accessory has been designed to make your life easier, and so the more you can invest in the better. We also recommend looking into a useful fireplace tidy, to keep everything safely stored during the summer months when you have little call for a fireplace.

The best in attractive fireplace accessories

As a design feature, your fireplace deserves the best – and that’s where the aesthetic accessories come in. From oversized matches to wicker wood baskets, log tidies, personalised fireplace tools and even a decorative fire guard, the gift market is particularly good for finding unique and attractive accessories for your fireplace.

As our members know, a well-dressed home boasts a combination of traditional features and modern functionality, and so ensuring that your fireplace is surrounded with high quality accessories is a great way to embrace the old and the new.

How to safely care for fireplace accessories

While it seems like everything these days comes with its own storage and cleaning instructions, it is important to recognise the best practice when it comes to looking after your fireplace tools – especially those with a practical function. Be aware that metal implements can become hot when in touch with a live fire, and should be allowed to cool before being brushed down and cleaned.

Keeping note of flammable materials stored near to your fireplace should also be a priority if your decorative fireplace is there to be used; ensuring that cardboard and other kindling sources are kept far enough away that any sparks from the fire don’t set light to outside sources.

After all, fireplaces look great but they can also be one of the most dangerous features in a home and members should take caution when using and accessorising an indoor fireplace.

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