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Folding Beds

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Folding Beds

Understanding that our members buy folding beds for their practical benefits rather than their comfort or design aesthetic, it would be easy for us to simply list the folding beds with the best storage options and leave it there. However, folding beds do not have to mean a compromise on comfort or style, with many modern designs now boasting folding beds which enhance a space rather than create an eyesore.

From metal frames which fold up to half size complete with the mattress stored inside, to folding beds which appear as if by magic from behind a panel in the wall, modern innovation has given folding beds a new lease of life – so that homeowners can invest in an option which provides extra bed space when needed, as well as an item which they are proud to have in their home.

The benefits of a folding bed

The benefits of folding beds mainly encompass the ease of use and the optimum use of space, and are particularly good in smaller homes which do not benefit from a dedicated guest room – allowing you to turn your living space into a temporary bedroom which can simply be folded away and stored again when morning comes.

And folding beds no longer have to mean an uncomfortable nights’ sleep! With everything from memory foam mattresses to proper spring mattresses now available and specially designed for folding beds, you can give your guests a bed to be proud of.

Styling a folding bed

No matter how practical your folding bed is, the fact is you still have to store it somewhere – and that is where clever styling comes in. If you are lucky enough to have storage rooms or a guest room to keep your bed stored away then that is ideal, but for those with a smaller living space we recommend looking into more innovative solutions – namely those beds which fold out directly from the wall in an alcove.

Particularly popular in small apartments or bedsits, folding beds which are attached to the wall provide the user with a bed which can be stashed away and turned back into a wall at their convenience, in a move which is both clever and extremely practical. For those concerned with style, the wall behind the bed can be decorated as well as the exterior wall, so that even when the bed is laid out, the design aesthetic of the room is still no less than perfect. These kinds of folding beds can be tailormade to your living space with the help of specialist bed experts, who can measure the space available and may even create the perfect alcove for your bed to fit snugly in. Other options include full furniture sets which can be installed onto the wall, encompassing the fold out bed with a complete shelving and cabinet set surrounding it – the perfect way of optimising the creating storage space as well as a space for your bed.

Finding the perfect folding bed

You will find that most folding beds are created with a metal frame, for ease and safety of folding and unfolding them on a regular basis. Whether you choose to opt for a semi-permanent folding bed for your home, or purchase more of a camping style bed for infrequent use, the best retailers for these items are homeware stores and outdoor stores – with traditional bed retailers more likely to steer you towards guest beds. Some of the best folding beds on the market at the moment can be found in department stores and popular homeware specialists, with price ranges varying dependent on the size and finish of your bed.

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