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Gazebo & Canopy Accessories

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Gazebo & Canopy Accessories

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor space for entertaining, whether it be for a specific party or simply a summer filled with family BBQ’s and small events with friends, the sale of gazebo’s and outdoor canopies rises hugely in line with the increased demand for outdoor spaces which are sheltered and welcoming but without creating the feeling of being inside a building.

While a gazebo alone tends to be made up of a strong frame and canvas style exterior covering, accessories can quickly elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of the piece – taking it from plain to party-ready in a few quick steps.

What are gazebo and canopy accessories?

First, we have the exterior accessories which create an attractive centrepiece for your garden. These include the ropes and pegs you use to weight and tie the gazebo structure down, and the exterior walls and ceiling top of the structure itself. For example, you may find that a specially selected wall for your gazebo includes windows or is created from a canvas which is coloured in line with your theming – rather than the standard white of most commercial purchases. Likewise, instead of the standard ropes and metal pegs, why not accessorise the outside of your gazebo with something a little more rustic – taking a thicker style of rope and attaching it to wooden pegs which look like something out of a camping movie.

In terms of the roof of your gazebo or canopy, we recommend giving thought to the way in which the gazebo space will be used and how the way the ceiling sits can alter the overall feel of the space inside. You tend to find, for example, that a domed roof appears much lighter and brighter, while the steep slops which end in the central tip can be perfect for hanging a centre piece from. Meanwhile, a flat roof tends to make the space feel a little smaller and more cosy, perfect for smaller gatherings where you want the entire inside space to feel much warmer.

Then we come to the inside accessories, including the way in which you furnish and dress your space, and the way you choose to light it – with wall lights and fairy lights providing two of the most popular means of lighting a gazebo to add a mysterious and magical vibe to the interior. Another popular accessory with regards to lighting is up-lighting which can be used both on the inside and outside of the gazebo or canopy, and makes the whole thing become much more of a feature in your garden space.

What to consider when looking for gazebo or canopy accessories

Whether you are furnishing the indoor space of a gazebo, or making the open sides of a rooved canopy feel a little more cosy and warm, accessories have the power to completely transform the space when used right – with many homeowners choosing to use the bare minimum in terms of construction before elevating it with accessories and lighting. The fact is, most of the gazebos and canopies on the market are super neutral, leaving you free to dress them as you wish with different colours and thematic add-ons. Make sure you give thought to the space you have and the vibe you are looking to create, using accessories and colour.

For the best and most useful accessories, head to gazebo retailers and outdoor garden centre stores, as well as department stores.

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