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Holidays & Occasions

How do you dress your home in line with a season, holiday or occasion? With so many gift stores and occasional outlets available on the modern market, the possibilities when it comes to showcasing our favourite celebrations are endless – and yet there are still a few things that we all do every year in order to bring to life the magic of Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, and so many other occasions we love to celebrate.

Celebrating special occasions in the family

From birthdays to anniversaries, often we find members saying that as they get older, it isn’t about the presents they receive but rather the thought that others put into creating a really special day for them. One of the best ways to do this is by dressing the house up to highlight and showcase your celebrations – with some of our favourite options including balloons, streamers, banners, bunting and plenty of table decorations.

One thing our members often ask is how they can create home decorations which are a little more sustainable and environmentally friendly. So many retailers are now offering eco-friendly items as part of their decoration and gifting sets, including balloons which are made from a biodegradable material, streamers and confetti which is made from dried flowers rather than plastic, and bunting which is strung together fabric rather than plastic sheeting. Essentially, what buyers often find with sustainable decorations is that they are not only kinder to the natural world, but they are also made with a higher quality which will last – providing a win-win!

Celebrating holidays – Halloween

Halloween is a big one when it comes home decorations, with retailers stocking their shelves full of ghoulish sweets and tons of scary decorations to turn our home into a whimsical house of horrors ready for the night. Halloween is one of those occasions which has really played well into the media, with families all over the world decorating their entire home and garden just for this one night – raising the profile of the holiday and creating an entirely new seasonal shopping period towards the end of the year which retailers can jump on. And while Halloween is all about the dark corners and scary creatures that hang around, just 2 months later it is replaced by…

Celebrating holidays – Christmas

Christmas is the time when our homes receive a complete make over, becoming overrun with glitter and presents and elves and reindeer. So many of our members love their annual Christmas tree and are constantly looking for new ways to elevate the way in which they decorate it, with our favourite options including a combination of store brought and homemade baubles, colourful tinsel, chocolate treats and fairy lights.

Other celebrations and ways of dressing the home in line with holidays and occasions

Around the world there really are an unlimited amount of holidays and occasions that can be celebrated, with families everything using decorations and personal touches to add their own spin on some of our most popular and recognised dates.

If you’re on a budget and still want to decorate your house in line with the next holiday, consider the value of making your own decorations – stitching your own fabric bunting, making your own paperchains, and using cut outs to cover the walls with whimsical characters.

To purchase decorations fit for every kind of holiday or occasion, head to a gifting store or home decoration store, with many retailers offering seasonal products as each holiday approaches. If you’re really organised, consider shopping in the post-holiday sales to keep on top of next year – and to pick up a few bargains in advance.

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