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The question around when to put up your Christmas decorations – and when to take them down – is an age-old question; unlikely to ever be put to bed with a definitive answer. Our suggestion? Invest in decorations which you love and are happy to be surrounded by, which remind you of all the joys of Christmas and which fill your home with festive love. There are of course three avenues to travel down when it comes to sourcing Christmas decorations, and these are as follows:

  1. Pick the very best and the most elegant, and decorate sparsely

  2. Decorate completely and without holding back

  3. Make your own

Sourcing exquisite and high end decorations for a stylish finish

For many of our members, Christmas is a time to showcase the best of your home decorating skills; embracing the festive spirit while decorating your home with tasteful and minimalist decorations. Many homes opt for decorative themes or colour schemes in order to pull off a stylish finish, with the traditional red and green or red and gold topping the books as the most common favourites – though less traditional colours are swiftly gaining popularity particularly with modern houses – who tend to favour whites and silvers. For those looking to buy minimal decorations but all of a high quality, designer retailers and department stores tend to offer the finest options – from tree decorations to wreaths and other festive additions.

Buying in bulk

For others, Christmas is a time to throw everything at your home and fully revel in the glitter and vibrancy of the festive spirit. These are the homes with stockings out and trees covered in baubles, often without a decorative scheme but rather celebrating colour as one. For these homes, shopping at more affordable high street retailers will mean you are able to buy as many decorations as you like while still maintaining an affordable basket – often taking home slightly lower quality decorations but making up for that in quantity.

Making your home personal

From handmade paper chains to baubles decorated at school, through to different ornaments picked up on various family holidays, the festive season is often a time when homemade decorations are most welcome throughout the home – and allow you to capture the essence of your family unit through the things you have made and collected together. Some of our members ask what decorations can be made at home, and to them we say – anything! Homemade wreaths are a great addition to any festive front door, while filling the tree with handmade baubles and hanging ornaments – both edible and long lasting – is a way to ensure your home is full of the joys of Christmas. Top Tip: One of the most common questions, as touched on earlier, is when to take Christmas decorations down. Our top tip for members when faced with taking decorations down, is to do it in stages. Though you may have to take the tree down soon after Christmas to minimise the mess and make sure it is gone by the new year, leaving a few solitary decorations around the house will enable the family to ease back into normal life without one day waking up to the cold stark reality that Christmas is over. If you are concerned about those decorations looking out of place when in your home past Christmas, make sure that those you keep up are subtle; coloured and selected in line with your existing home décor, so as to blend in and simply create a stylish focal point.

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