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Jewellery Armoires

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Jewellery Armoires

Defined as a storage cupboard which is typically antique and ornate in styling, the concept of an ‘Armoire’ is one which is derived from ancient French tradition, and refers to an item of furniture which is brought into the home under two main objectives: to store, and to look pretty. As a response to the common issue of lost jewellery and pieces being scattered all over the house, a jewellery armoire is a structure which allows all your jewellery to not just be stored in one safe place, but to be displayed – immediately setting it apart from a jewellery box which hides away your pieces in drawers and small boxes. In essence, a jewellery armoire is a celebration of your jewellery and creates a kind of show suite whereby you can open the door of the cabinet and select the piece you want to wear quickly and easily.

Designs of jewellery armoire

There are several different design concepts associated with the classic jewellery armoire, ranging from the very simple and traditional wooden cabinet, to the more modern armoire which appears at first glance to be a mounted full length mirror – before the mirror is opened out to reveal a hidden storage cupboard behind its mirrored surface. These mirrored armoires in particular are growing in popularity as homeowners look for items and ideas for their home which provide and fulfil multiple purposes, with options including standalone mounted mirror armoires on frames, and also those which can be hooked onto the back of a door to optimise the use of space and to keep them safe. Of these, we tend to suggest that buyers opt for a frame which suits their room as this is what really makes the armoire a decorative accessory. And then we have the more innovative and style-led designs, such as those which add vibrance and thematic design to the space through their colour and construction. From ornate pieces of wood craft, to cartoon-like designs, through to armoires which are fitted with photo frames on the exterior for your own personalisation, in a modern room filled with neutral colours and basic designs, the jewellery armoire can quickly become a standout piece designed to draw focus and attention.

Things to consider when buying a jewellery armoire

We have already explored some of the most popular designs and construction concepts in the jewellery armoire market, but when it comes to choosing the right one for you we recommend that you start by assessing your space and deciding where you would be best placing your armoire. If, for example, your room is already filled with various items, we recommend the door hanging armoire as a good structure which is practical but also concealed behind the door. Meanwhile, if your room is very minimalist and could do with some additional vibrancy and colour, consider one of the more ornate and colourful designs which stand in a corner and add a sense of grandeur and depth to the space. Once you have decided on the placement and structure for your jewellery armoire, it’s time to assess the size. Mirror-fronted armoires tend to be full length, though we are seeing an increase in the number of more compact jewellery armoires which can be wall mounted and are designed with a much smaller frontage. Whether you are looking for something grand and traditional, or modern and stylish, the best jewellery armoires tend to be found across antique stores and homeware accessory retail stores.

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