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Kitchen Benches

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Kitchen Benches

With all manner of dining options available, sometimes all you want is a casual dinner around the kitchen table – eradicating the need to set a dining table or set yourself up in a different room away from the hustle and bustle of family life. Eating in the kitchen is a really lowkey and inclusive way of dining, and is something a lot of our members research – looking for the best kitchen tables, breakfast bar options and kitchen benches.

A kitchen bench could mean one of two things – either an all-in-one table and bench which resembles those found in parks and public outdoor spaces, or a simple bench seat which really matches and compliments the design of the kitchen and is often available as a hardwood creation or something a little more delicate and decorative.

Top uses of a kitchen bench – and a few unexpected ones

One of the key things we find members asking us is how to pick a kitchen bench that can be used a little more widely – for example something which could prove equally useful outside or in a conservatory or larger living space to add a little texture and decorative depth to the space, as well as extra seating.

For this, we recommend keeping it really plain and simple with a kitchen bench that is made from and celebrates the appearance of natural wood – either varnishing it up for a more grand and polished finished, or else leaving it a little more rustic for the perfect country farmhouse kitchen look. One thing buyers should always not however, is the slim possibility of splinters, particularly when wood is kept rustic and natural in finish. To avoid this, keep your wood well sanded at the top, or else consider laying down a seating cushion to protect your guests and diners’ legs.

The other primary use of a kitchen bench is outside, especially if you keep it simple with a wooden bench which can serve an equal purpose in your outdoor space. Whether it is a seating bench or more of a picnic bench you opt for, the casual appearance of a bench rather than individual seating immediately creates a warm and welcoming but also unique atmosphere – something which many of our members look for both inside their homes and outside.

Choosing the right kitchen bench

It is important that your kitchen bench is able to look balanced in its primary home – the kitchen – and this is where size and material plays a big part. For one thing, understanding the overall aesthetic appearance of your kitchen means knowing what length and height of bench will fit – and picking something which is bold and stand out, but also doesn’t overwhelm the space. The beauty of a seating bench is often that it can be pushed right under the table and concealed there, while a picnic bench is more of an investment in space.

In terms of material, this means picking the right base material and understanding how weight and depth of colour can impact texture and the feel of the room. For example if your kitchen is light and airy, opt for a naturally pale wood bench rather than a dark polished wood.

And finally, if you need to add pops of colour, use colourful place settings and seat cushions – while allowing the bench itself to remain neutral and natural.

For the best selection of kitchen benches on the current market, head to homeware, kitchenware and home decorating retailers – equipped with a design in mind and all those important measurements!

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