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Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming, one of the most underrated year-round treasures is our outdoor space – whether it be a large garden, a small patio or area of decking, or a multi-layered space which combines trees with paths and flowerbeds. While many of us channel all our efforts into what we grow and how we can elevate the daytime appearance of our gardens, the concept of lighting the garden for evening and night time events is one which rarely receives the attention it deserves – and yes has the power to completely transform the space and elevate it from a standard patch of land to an area perfect for entertaining.

What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is used when a large area of outdoor space needs to be lit – with the umbrella term spanning from fairy light systems to wall mounted lights, small spotlights buried into decking and areas of grass, and even large floodlights which illuminate sporting pitches and large empty spaces.

Designed to act both as atmosphere enhancers and security features, landscape lighting solutions are there to make sure that your outdoor space is as accessible and safe to use as possible, without detracting from its aesthetic value or the overall appearance, with many homeowners seeking smart options which turn on via a motion sensor or else can be controlled through a phone or voice activation for optimum use.

Different types of landscape lighting

The first type of landscape lighting, and one of the most popular with garden owners of all sizes, is lights which are strung together and resemble fairy lights – ideal for hanging across doorways and around patio fences, through trees and along pathways. These are typically used by gardeners and outdoor lovers to illuminate the trunks and branches of statement trees, to line the side of the house looking out onto the garden, or simply to create a warm and welcoming area with benches and hammocks.

Similarly but at ground level, another style of landscape lighting is individual post lights or pathway ground lighters, which are stuck into the ground and allow for the light to be illuminated from below – adding a really unique and interesting dynamic to the space which serves to highlight the ground level plants and pathways. One particularly popular way of using these ground level landscape lights is to group them around trees or plant beds in small remote patches, adding bursts of light across different areas of the garden which may seem random but create a really magical effect once switched on. Recessed floor lights operate in a similar style but are primarily more for hard standing surfaces such as patios and decking.

Things to consider when buying landscape lighting

The main thing you need to consider when it comes to landscape lighting is ensuring that the lights are installed safely and in locations where they can’t be run over with a lawnmower or pulled down by pets. It is also worth making sure that your lights really are designed for outdoor use, and that they are suitable for all weather conditions and eventualities – as they will likely remain outside through rain or shine, and you want to avoid water damage.

For an array of landscape lights fit for every size of garden or outdoor space, head to garden centres and outdoor lighting specialists – as well as department stores and DIY retailers. And remember, light is there for functionality as well as aesthetics, so put time into choosing the lights which are most useful and which look the best.

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