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LED Flush Lights

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LED Flush Lights

Being one of the most simple and modern lighting styles in terms of the overall structure and composition of the light, flush lights are growing increasingly popular in modern and new build homes as they allow for optimum light without detracting from any of the surrounding decorative styling or finishing. And when pushed to choose the best style of bulb for a flush light fitting, particularly in large and airy modern spaces, our preferences is always for an LED bulb complete with bright finish and consistent lighting.

The best uses of LED flush lights

While many modern and large homes are opting for LED flush lights as a way of injecting bright light into spaces which can otherwise feel quite cold and unwelcoming, one of the main uses for flush lighting is in fact across smaller homes where space is limited and ceilings can feel quite closed in. What we often find is that a room with little natural light can feel quite dark and enclosed, with the need for clever lighting solutions to brighten the entire space and give it the feeling of a more open and airy space. Not only does LED flush lighting achieve that easily, but it also allows users to install adequate lighting with eating into any of the precious space in the room – particularly given the extravagance of many modern lamp shades and structures which hang down into the room and take up a large amount of room.

Another top use of LED flush lighting is in bathrooms – providing a bright light which optimises visibility and ensures the highest levels of safety by simply concealing all the electrical wiring and switches up inside the ceiling – leaving onto the lit face of the bulb on show in the bathroom. These kinds of lights are particularly beneficial in bathrooms because they tend not to fog up in the higher temperature and moisture filled air, and their flush finish with the surface of the ceiling or wall means that no mould or algae can collect around the base of the light head or bulb.

And then we have outside lighting – particularly great for security lighting or for ensuring that guests walking across your patio have full visibility and are not exposed to accidents. LED lighting is renowned for being bright and consistent with its beam, making it the ideal solution for outside lighting as well as creating strong beams in dark indoor rooms.

Things to consider with LED flush lighting

Given that flush lighting sits flat against its surface and takes up no extra space, the only installation consideration you need to take into account is the positioning of the light in line with your needs. We tend to recommend positioning flush lighting lower down or very high up, as eye level can quickly become problematic if the light is constantly shining right into your eye. Many homeowners thus opt for their flush lighting to be mounted into the ceiling to allow the light to shine downwards as opposed to straight out, though if you do want your flush mounting dotted along a wall then consider locating it down at ground level or else very high up so the direct beams shine above your head.

If in doubt about the installation of use of your flush lighting, speak to an electrician or ask for advice when you purchase your LED lights. The best selection of LED flush lights for indoor and outdoor spaces can be found in lighting stores, department stores, and home and garden retailers.

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