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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED lights are perfect because they are low maintenance, they are versatile and they are very easy to install. They are a great way to dial your lighting up several notches with no major upset to the rest of your room. It can be a real challenge to get proper lighting into a compact space, bulky fittings stick out under your cabinet and seem awkward or ruin the sleek effect you’re looking at. Under cabinet lighting is an excellent place to use LED lighting because it is compact, comes in lots of different shapes and styles and you can recess them to ensure they have no profile outside your cabinet at all.

LED under cabinet lighting is a safer option than halogen lamps or incandescent bulbs because they produce significantly less waste heat. An LED will stay cool for long periods of time and will not run either a safety risk to your cabinets or the surfaces underneath. They will also not risk deforming any plastic-based coating or materials in your cupboards or warping wood.

Choosing LED under cabinet lighting is a great choice if you want to avoid regular, fiddly maintenance of your lights and frequently needing to replace bulbs. The lifespan of an LED is significantly longer than conventional bulbs and will save you time and money on replacements. Installing them will feel like a breeze, in the knowledge that you won’t need to do it all over again in a few months' time.

Particularly in a kitchen or a workshop, you won’t always need or want the whole room to be bright. Dazzling brightness isn’t necessary for a task and can make things feel so much less cosy. Task lighting and accent lighting is the perfect solution and when it is as functional and easy as LED lighting, there is no need to sacrifice your ambience. If you are fitting your workshop, have evenly spaced spotlights draw attention to your workbench. If you are using under-cabinet LED lighting in a bathroom, your under cabinet lights could work as a gentle alternative to candlelight when you want to be able to see but prefer a bath in lower light.

Under cabinet LED lighting is a more environmentally friendly choice a well as shrinking your power bill down. LEDs use less energy to produce more light than any alternative currently on the market, this means more light for you and less pressure on your wallet. You can also feel good about your reduced energy usage and the smaller number of potentially dangerous elements that go into producing your lights. LEDs can even be recycled.

Under cabinet strip lighting is a great option to pursue with LED lights. They can be fitted into a board or fitting or they can come ready-made into a strip, spaced evenly and ready to be fixed into place all at once. You could also go for a solid bar of LED light for a brighter effect. You can install this with a simple fixture to clasp the strip light or many options come with a fixture to screw into your cabinet

Under cabinet LED lights can be wired in but for the ultimate convenience and ease, you can get battery-powered lights which can be stuck in place with adhesive pads. Some are even self-adhesive. In the space of an hour, you could have overhauled the lighting of your kitchen, bathroom, craft room or workshop with no specialist knowledge or expensive installation required. You can even buy an under cabinet LED lighting kit in some cases.

LED Under Cabinet lighting is the simple, effective answer to lighting any task you need to perform on a surface.

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