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Living Room Table Sets

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Living Room Table Sets

When it comes to furnishing your living room, there is a fine line to be drawn between functional and practical pieces, and those which raise the aesthetic value of the room and create a homely space to enjoy. Most of our members consider and research different furniture sets because they are keen to discover items which compliment and match each other, often using the same or similar structural materials, crafted into the same kind of design style.

Living room table sets in particular work together to create harmony by matching the coffee table with side tables, display cabinets or drawer sets, and sometimes even a dining table or television unit. The fact is, creating a relaxing living room is a case of choosing furniture which draws the eye without overwhelming the room – meaning that as a buyer you need to look for pieces which do not overpower the space, but which at the same time are not so small that they become lost.

How to make every piece of a living room table set stand out

Creating a harmony between your furniture and tables does not mean hiding each one – rather, it means starting each piece with the same structural materials, and then building the appearance and visual value of each piece upwards with its own unique points and decorative accessories.

For example, you may choose solid oak as the foundational component of each of your living room table sets pieces, but some clever furnishing of each one will give its own life and look for a more interesting living space. One of the best ways to do this is by playing with texture, for example adding different levels of accessory to the different items – with coasters adorning the coffee table, a table lamp on the side tables, and piles of books on the side boards and additional table spaces.

If you really want to elevate the individuality of each piece, a smooth wooden surface will do well with a layer of paint added to it – though buyers who like DIY should be aware that modern homes in particular tend to prioritise neutral colours and natural materials over vibrant colours.

Things to consider when buying a living room table set

First and foremost, you need to give thought to the size of each piece and the space you have available. Especially with regards to the coffee table, you need to be sure the height will fit with the sofa you pick and the overall aesthetic you are trying to create – as modern sofas seem to be varying in seat height, and ideally the coffee table should sit a little lower than the seat of your sofa.

Side tables meanwhile should sit in line with the arm of the sofa for optimum use and functionality, while you should try and keep any other tables in your set at a taller height so as to raise the overall profile of the room and add some different levels.

Overall, it is important that a living room table set does what you need it to do without adding in items which will be of no benefit to you. If a set comes equipped with something your living room doesn’t need, consider expanding your repertoire and simply using it in another room – or else painting it for use elsewhere. The point of any kind of furniture set is often to provide complimentary designs and also to save some money from the total. The best living room table sets can be found in furniture retailers and homeware stores.

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