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Living Room Tables

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Living Room Tables

From large low-level coffee tables to tall side tables, storage tables for books and magazines, and even a small dining table for extra large living room spaces, the range of tables you could fit into your living room span a number of different purposes, designs and finishes – each offering their own unique features and functions. The living room is the one place in your house where you can entertain guests but also relax. It’s a space which is generally open to all guests and visitors, and as such is a room which most of us put a lot of thought into – creating an aesthetically pleasing room which is bright and airy but also showcases some of our personality and design flair. The tables we choose for our living room show what we value and prioritise – and here’s why.

The Coffee Tables

The most common kind of living room table is the coffee table – effortlessly creating levels and visual interest in a room, as well as providing somewhere to pop your drink and rest your feet when you relax on the sofa. Our favourite coffee tables are low level and simple in design and material, though if you have a very minimal and modern living space then the coffee table is a great way to accessorise and add a little more personality to the room – whether it be through colour or innovative design. Most homes however like to keep it fairly simple with a wooden coffee table or one with a glass top.

The Side Table

Super useful at the side of the sofa to hold a light and some drinks coasters, side tables are designed with practicality in mind and should be chosen to reflect the rooms décor and to blend in with the chosen style. We often find that the best side tables are a little higher than the average coffee table to make them easy for users to reach over the sofa arm, and that having one or two matching side tables can promote a sense of balance in the room.

The Storage Table

Those with a storage table in their living room often live hectic and busy lifestyles and want to have everything to hand immediately. This kind of table is often relegated to the side of the room and will sit against a wall, much like a wide board in a hallway, often with drawers and cabinets as well as an expansive surface.

The Dining Table

Having a dining table in your living room means that you either have lots of excess space and want to fill it, or your home is quite small and you don’t have a separate dining room for formal dinners. Either way, exposure to a dining table in your living room brings life and vibrancy to the living space, though care should be taken to ensure that the table doesn’t dominate and overpower the zen and relaxation of the space – all the while making sure the table and chairs can fit in without becoming cramped. The best kind of table for this use is an expanding one which can be smaller during the everyday and made larger when entertaining. Whether you decide to have all of these living room tables, or just choose one or two designs, it is important to make sure that the material and finish is at least complimentary if not matching. Too many tables styles in one room can create chaos and upset the harmony of the room – thus we recommend buying all your living room tables from the same retailer, whether it be a wooden furniture designer, a high street furniture store or a second hand furniture dealer.

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