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Metal Wall Décor

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Metal Wall Décor

Once regarded as a primarily functional material, the use of metal in modern homes is increasing – not just in industrial home styling but also in adding life and natural materials to modern and contemporary homes as well.

The fact is, metal is a smooth material which lends itself extremely well to paint and can quickly be used to create a multitude of textures in a space – depending on whether you leave it natural, polish it up to create a shiny finish, or paint it to resemble something completely different. And of course, with so many potential ways of finishing the look of your metal wall décor, that means that the range of different styles, shapes and images available is truly endless – ranging from quotes to 3D images and structures, 2D pictures and shapes, and cut out shadows pieces.

Metal quotes

Hanging quotes in the home is a popular decorative idea that many homeowners use, giving each room its own slogan or defining quote which relates to the way the room is used. Metal quotes are particularly popular because they tend to cut the letters out using the metal, so that the words hang directly on the wall without the need for a frame or background. This instantly adds texture to the space in the most natural way possible, and allows you to really create a contrast between the stark metal letters and the colour selected for the rest of the wall.

Metal cut out images

Have you ever cut shapes out of a piece of paper and found that the shadows and holes create really delicate images which look great? The problem with paper is that the thin material can very easily break – and that’s when metal cut out imagery comes in, particularly as a means of decorating the home. The fact is, cut out metal images create the same visual image as a painted structure would, but in a completely different way which somehow appears to give more depth and visual interest to the piece. The eye is drawn from the cut out sections to the solid pieces of metal as it determines the design, before it is able to appreciate the image as a whole – making these pieces of wall décor extremely valuable as talking points and areas of focal interest in the home.

Things to consider with metal wall décor

One of the first and most important things you need to consider when it comes to metal wall décor is how you will hang the décor and ensure that it remains safely hung tight to the wall. Though many modern designs are made with a very lightweight metal, the fact remains that if it falls off the wall it can to damage to the people or objects around it, and so you need to make sure that the décor is hung correctly and safely.

It is also worth taking note of the space around your decorative piece, and how that will impact on its overall visual effect. If you place other decorative items too close to your metal wall piece, you will likely find that the metal starts to look unbalanced and out of place – particularly if the surrounding items are made from more traditional materials. In order to ensure your metal wall decorative piece remains a standout feature which matches and compliments the room, keep the rest of the wall as clear as possible.

For the best selection of metal wall decorative pieces and ideas, head to modern high street and designer homeware retailers and accessory stores.

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